Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Creative Gifts

January is flying by! Before the month is gone, I wanted to post about a couple of holiday gifts.  The sweet and generous Laurie from Indulge Your Shelf surprised me with a lovely pendant/ornament, all dressed up in the sweetest package. Excuse the poor photos, but it was dark out when I opened it and I couldn't wait until the next day.  The pendant is so pretty. It was on my tree, but I'll most likely wear it for the holiday season this year.  I love the darling card, the vintage coaster and the lovely silver leaf, too.

I was behind as usual, but sent Laurie this little trinket box and prize ribbon in time for New Year's, along with a few other goodies. It's not quite her favorite Tiffany blue, but close!

Blogger is giving me fits today. A lot of people have noted recently that they suddenly can't upload photos to Blogger, and that's what I'm experiencing today.  If I go into HTML mode I'm able to upload from my computer, but otherwise I can only upload from the web or my phone.  Hope to figure this one out soon. If anyone has any hints, I'd love to hear them.