Saturday, August 24, 2013

Paper Cowgirl Rolodex Art Card Swap Returns

Whew! That title is a mouthful! If you're a regular reader you'll probably remember the rolodex art cards I made for the Paper Cowgirl swap. I posted about them in previous posts, but can't link to those posts right now due to Blogger issues. Grrr!

I received my return cards a while ago. Cindy from Paper Cowgirl sent them in this fabulous handpainted envelope! She made one for each of the participants.

I received all these lovely cards!  Not everyone signed or labeled their cards so I'm not going to list names, but every card is unique and wonderful. Click on any photo to see a larger version.

I'm still having problems with Blogger so this is an abbreviated post. I'm hoping to figure out the problem soon, but right now I'm having to switch to HTML to be able to type anything in, and random photos won't upload. The good news is, I was at least able to post and couldn't even do that yesterday!