Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Spring Finds

Seems I haven't had much to blog about lately. I've not taken any classes since Glitter Retreat, and between the heat and general goings on I've been pretty lethargic. 

Estate sales have picked up, though, and I've found quite a few things in the last couple of months. "Finds" posts seem to be my most popular, so I'll share those. 

These are mostly just quick "end of day" shots so the lighting and composition aren't great, but vintage goodness always shines, right?

Yards of cute butterfly lace here, and these are just a few of the little tart tins I found that day. The ornament boxes are in fairly good condition. I'm hoping to use them for little Christmas vignettes. 

Four full rolls of Deco-Twist from the '60s and a few sparkly things for next year's Fourth of July creations. The fabric ribbon has since moved into the bag for Goodwill.

There were lots of crafty things at this sale. A few items went into my latest pink inspiration kit. I love the needlepoint pieces. The brown bits on the left are leather left over from someone's projects. I bought a shoe box full of old cards just to get the little cream and blue floral cards on the right. 

The cute gloves are from Saks and in great condition. The sweater clip is sweet, too. I loved these boxed hankies - and the box is as great as the hankies - metallic and embossed with beautiful text.

More gloves, and a shabby little head that I'll most likely be keeping. The James Whitcomb Riley book has some lovely illustrations with pink accents.

These prints are quite old, but most likely reproductions of late 1800s magazine illustrations. 

And then there's this girl. I thought about keeping her but I don't have even one inch of space in my craft room and there's nothing else I want to give up to make way. Hopefully someone else will give her a new home.

I found lots of lace, two pair of gloves, a lovely old collar, a fun Christmas corsage - love those things! - and more at a sale this past weekend less than a mile from home. I love it when sales are close, especially in the heat of summer. 

Here's a better shot of the gloves and collar. Gloves don't sell as well as they did at one time, but I can never resist them if they're special. 

A few more things from the nearby sale. I'm not sure what the illustrations are from. They're on a large sheet of heavy paper. I'm sure I'll find a use for them, though.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my finds. I've listed quite a few things on Etsy, and hopefully will have lots more soon!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Glitter Retreat - Part Two

I'm so behind on posting! Glitter Retreat was over a month ago, so I'd best show the rest of my photos. If you missed my first post with my swap creations and links to Cindy's Paper Crown Glitter Retreat posts, you can find it hereToday I'm sharing what I received from the three swaps, and a peek at the swag. 

First up is the bracelet swap. The bracelet I received was made by Pattye, and I love it! Here's a pic someone took when I received it (borrowed from the Paper Crown blog.)

The bracelet is leather and stamped with some of Catherine Moore's Character Constructions stamps. It's very cool.

Swap two was the Embellished Slipper swap. I received Sharon's slipper, made from one of her friend's ruffled honeymoon scuffs. She covered it in pink roses, buttons, and pink and yellow seam binding. The front is finished with a rhinestone crown. So very cute!

We were to fill our shoes with French brocante goodies, but Sharon went above and beyond and gave me a Vera Bradley tote bag with a cute metal bin and so many great goodies!

She included lots of French-themed stamps, stickers, and other embellishments that will be perfect for completing the French journal project from the retreat. Soaps with a cute dish, a pretty towel, buttons, ribbons and so much more! 

The last swap was the paper doll swap. Mine came from Kathy, and has one of my favorite quotes on the front. The tag is pretty and multi-layered and I love it! Anything with birds, you know!

As I said in my last post, the Character Constructions paper doll creations were amazing! 

Now, for the swag - and what a lot of swag there was! We were totally spoiled - not only with delicious French style home cooking, beautiful class creations, and so much fun, but also with many wonderful gifts and treats. 

This is just a portion of the lovely things we received. Each instructor provided a little gift as well as lots of extras in their class kits. A couple of people brought little fun things for everyone, and we received gifts at each of our field trip stops. Everyone received a huge French market basket that Cindy filled with fun things from Paper Crown, and our bags were full as we headed home. 

I'll be looking forward to next year's Glitter Retreat!