Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A Finished Project Six Years in the Making

In 2014 I made pink fabric journals for two friends, Laurie and Terry. Click their names to see those journal posts. While making their books I started one for myself. I'd pull it out occasionally and work on a page or two, but mostly all the makings have occupied a plastic bin in the corner of my craft room for the last six years. Right before Christmas I decided that thing was going to be finished! I worked on it for about a week and a half, and finally (ta da!!!) here it is! Fair warning - this is a very long post with lots of photos.

The cover is made from what I think is a placemat or dresser scarf. I'll show a close up at the end of the post. The beautiful heart collage was made by a friend and seemed the perfect adornment for this book.

The first page is French General fabric. The Paris fashion image is printed on muslin. The wide band of pink daisies is edging cut from a vintage tablecloth.

For this page I used a vintage hankie with a embroidered T, because this page features a three inchie I made for a Valentine swap organized by Laurie. The book includes my inchie as well as the ones I received from my swap partners. I won't list each maker here, but you can see them all in my post about that 2014 swap here.

This lovely lady was cut from a pillowcase. I used her twin in Terry's book.

The cutwork above is from a vintage pillowcase. If I recall correctly, the beautiful wide pink ribbon behind the three inchie came from an estate sale.

The cherry fabric on the page above is part of a 1950s Baar and Beards chiffon scarf. A piece of this was also used in Terry's book.

More French General fabric, with another swap inchie and a bit of trim from a vintage slip.

Above, various vintage fabrics, a vintage hankie made into a pocket to hold a swap ATC (more on that swap here) and some wonderful pleated trim I purchased from Dawn.

Yet more French General fabric, vintage trim, another swap inchie, and embroidered floral trim. This trim is one of my very favorites and getting harder to find. I'm always on the lookout for it in every color.

This vintage rose fabric was given to me by Wanda Clark when we attended The Art of Craft at French General in 2011. It's topped with a very old dusty rose doily, picot-edged ribbon, and wonderful embroidered roses cut from a moth-eaten sweater.

This page was cut from a embroidered pillowcase. The little yoyos at the bottom came from a old and damaged throw pillow.

Vintage pink eyelet fabric from an estate sale, topped with a swap inchie with a sweet little bonus doily.

More French General fabric. Can you tell I love them? The top fabric is a striped satin. Trims include crushed velvet ribbon, ruched rayon seam binding, more green picot ribbon, and a bit of green crochet along the edge.  It's all topped with a swap inchie.

The page above has a vintage hankie base with part of a pink plisse baby dress made into a pocket. The swap ATC is stored in the pocket.

Another swap inchie on not-so-old fabric - a scrap from my part time job - trimmed with a strip of vintage curtain and some cute ribbon trim.

Another page made from a old pillowcase. The larger flowers were added, along with velvet ribbon and pom pom trim.

This page is a mix of pink linen from an old tablecloth, a vintage glove used as a pocket, crushed velvet ribbon, and three different types of vintage trim. The pocket holds the swap ATC.

This piece of vintage lace hankie is sewn over pink linen, with vintage pink trim at the bottom and newer pom pom trim along the edge.

The embroidery on this page is from a vintage dresser scarf. The crochet flowers were cut from a damaged pillow case. The trim along the bottom edge is another favorite, made from intertwined pink and white rick rack with crochet. I love what some people could/can do with rick rack, and have collected quite a few examples.

This pocket holds little art pieces from several Valentine swaps over the years, including my contribution to the Valentine ATC swap mentioned earlier.

The embroidered organza for this page came from Laurie. The little "basket" is actually a sleeve from the plisse baby dress mentioned earlier. The bow and the edging came from another baby dress.

And lastly - you made it! - here's a close up of the placemat or table runner I used for the cover. I'm so glad I wasn't the one to tie all those little strands of nylon together!

Thanks you so much for taking the time to read all the way through! It's a lot, but a lot of time and love went into this so I'm happy to be able to share it.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!

Another Christmas almost over. This one was pretty low key for us - some time with family yesterday, and lounging around the house today. My decorating was also low key, as it has been for quite a few years now.

For over thirty years, we've usually sent out Christmas cards featuring our dogs. We're down to just one now - Henry, who's thirteen and not really excited about photos. Here are a few of his typical "poses."

So, no cards this year but lots of loving thoughts and warm holiday wishes for family and friends. Hoping we all have a very happy and healthy new year ahead!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Birdsong 7 - A Snowbird's Song

Last weekend Karla Nathan hosted her 7th Birdsong event - A Snowbird's Song. I was fortunate enough to attend two earlier Birdsong events, and was so happy to be there for this one. There's a lot to share, but I'll start with the three swap items I created.

The first swap was a Christmas-themed diorama. I'd never made one before, and mine turned out to be more of a shadow box with a diorama in the top section. It was inspired by one I purchased from Kim of ArtJoyStuff, but hers are so much more detailed and wonderful. I was pleased with this one, especially considering I waited until about two weeks out to start on all my projects. Procrastination is my specialty!

I really love the vintage Christmas corsage pieces I added to the top along with some beautiful vintage ribbon I found a few years ago.

The second swap was a stocking swap. I printed a vintage photo on muslin and sewed it on top of a lacy doily, then embellished it with a felt blossom and some vintage millinery flowers. I added vintage crocheted pillowcase edging, a few old buttons, and some hand-dyed seam binding. 

The third swap was an ornament made from a tart tin or cookie cutter. I have to confess that part of this one was already made. The center portion was made several years ago - the cookie cutter with the glittered paper lining and the vintage reflector and ornament. I loved it as it was but wanted it to be extra special for this group, so I added a ring of rhinestones and attached the rosette portion of a vintage horse ribbon and a dresden medallion on the back.

The ornament was packaged for gifting in a box I covered in pretty pinecone paper that left a trail -really a mountain - of glitter behind.

I hope this post provides a little holiday inspiration. More later on gifts for and from Birdsong peeps.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Journal Madness

Instagram is a fount of inspiration, and recently I was admiring spiral-bound junk journals there. This led to the purchase of a Cinch binding machine, which has led to hours of fun and using up some of my paper and ephemera. Just some. I still have tons - possibly literally.

Here are a couple of not-great iPhone pics of the cover and first-page spread of a Grow-themed journal, one of the first Cinch-bound journals I made.

Unfortunately I didn't think to take photos of every single page of these first five, and they all sold at a local event market shortly after completion.

I made a few more journals for another local market held this past weekend, and did remember photos this time. First up, a Halloween journal that a good friend purchased...

There were also two Christmas journals. One featured old fashioned Santas...

and one had a Jenni Bowlin bingo card cover.

These three all sold at the market. A big thank you to everyone who purchased one (and the other goodies I had on offer.) It's nice to know they've all gone to good homes!

The fourth is listed in my Etsy shop, and features some images from Graphic 45's Hallowe'en in Wonderland collection.

Each journal I've made has included pockets and envelopes with additional bits of ephemera and embellishments tucked in. Making them is a bit addictive, and now I'm always on the lookout for cover and page items from my stash. There are little stacks around the room just waiting to be bound.

Hope you're having a productive year and discovering new creative addictions!

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Vintage Crafter's Cafe Badge Swap

My friend Laurie of IndulgeYourShelf  suggested Vintage Crafter's Cafe as a Facebook group that might interest me. It did, and I joined a few months ago but hadn't been active so far as I haven't been crafting much.

This month they launched a swap based on Amy Hanna's Get Your Badge On on-line course. I had purchased the course months ago and watched the videos but hadn't made anything, so decided to join the swap and create. Here's my badge, and the gift box I made.

My partner, Jenny, likes steampunk. I had some vintage microscope lenses that I'd been saving for something special and decided to use those for goggles. I wrapped the edges in faux leather, printed eyes on fabric, and glued everything to a wool felt base before attaching them to more faux leather and ribbon. The lenses, ring, and chain are vintage. I should have used more vintage items, but couldn't find my vintage gears so used some Tim Holtz pieces.

I wrapped the badge in pattern tissue and tied it with seam binding and another gear. Before packing it into the box, I tucked in a tag with a quick note on the back.

Jenny took my love of old lace, buttons, and neutrals into account, and also added my favorite colors of blue and green to make the perfect badge for me. She also wrapped it so beautifully that I hesitated to open the package!

And here's the badge she made...

It's been a gray week here, so the colorful touches are making me happy. Thank you, Jenny, for creating something so special!