Friday, January 18, 2019

Ice is Nice

It's week 3 of Kim at ArtJoyStuff's Art Card Tuesday, and her prompt this week was ice.

This is another super simple card. The skater image is from The Graphics Fairy. I searched for quotes related to ice, and the first one up was from a favorite author so I went with it.

I'm really enjoying this opportunity to make a little creation each week using someone else's prompt. You should join in! Your creation can be whatever the prompt leads you to, and you can spend as much or as little time as you're comfortable with. If you blog about it, you can link your post to Kim's Art Card Tuesday post for the week.

In other news, I'm just trying to get some things listed on Etsy, finish reading Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver (loving it, and I have two more great books waiting in the wings) and attend to life and everything it's throwing my way lately.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Art Card Tuesday Follow-Along

I'm following along with Kim at ArtJoyStuff on her weekly Art Card Tuesday. This week's theme is Winter White which fits perfectly with the weather we had a few days ago.

We had ice one night, then snow fell the next night in huge flakes. It was so quiet and peaceful. Lovely.

Of course, it was gone by the time I woke up the next day so my only snow photos are nightime shots.

All the glittery white inspired me to finally use a quote I've been saving from the border strip of a sheet of Authentique paper.

This was a super quick and easy creation - not my best ever but it will make a very nice ornament for next Christmas, or just a little display piece for winter.

If you're wanting some creative inspiration, hop over to ArtJoyStuff and follow Kim's blog to get the weekly Art Card Tuesday prompt.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Welcome 2019!

Welcome 2019 - a new year with new opportunities! I've missed blogging. I only managed four posts last year but hope to do better this year. Even knowing that most people go to Instagram or Facebook now to keep up with others, I want to keep blogging for my own sake. It's nice having these reminders of good times and good vintage finds.

To start the new year with a bit of creativity, I decided to follow along with Kim at ArtJoyStuff and her Art Card Tuesday. She's already posted her second one and I just completed my first, but then she's in a different time zone so it's all good!

Here's my card for this week, using things from my work table.

Kim's prompt last Tuesday was "My Word for 2019." Since I'm not doing a word for the year, I just used a little Happy tag left over from a Christmas project. The background is a leftover strip of paper, there's a tiny bit of vintage metallic wallpaper near the top, and the butterfly, flowers, trim and rhinestones were in a little baggie on my table and left over from another project.

Last year was hard and I do want to try to be happier this year, so this was the perfect start to a year of creating.

Hope your year is off to a good start as well!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Bins

There's been lots of talk lately about "the bins." These are the Goodwill stores that are basically a room full of bins that are filled with miscellaneous items that didn't sell elsewhere, or just ended up there for whatever reason. Some larger cities have two or more of these, but in OKC we have only one. Most things are sold by the pound, so you can get some great bargains. 

I had been once a couple of years ago, but the bins were on racks around the walls and many of them were out of my reach. The DH and I were on a shopping errand yesterday and were in the area so stopped by. I was happy to see that the bins had been moved to tables so they were easily accessible. Here's what I brought home.

These buttons were all loose in a bin underneath other things. Nothing overly exciting, but I was happy to find them.

The American Girl doll patterns are unused and will go to Etsy, along with the darning egg. The tape measure is a Singer and 110 inches long, so that will be useful. Just one piece of ribbon and one piece of lace, but that's better than none, right? And the aqua doily is being added to my newest collection.

This cutie is a Napco piece. Unfortunately his wings had been broken, but someone did a very neat job of gluing them back in place.

These salt and pepper shakers are cute and in great condition. 

I couldn't leave these stitched pieces behind. I'll paint the frames to see how they look but if they don't turn out well, I'll make little pillows or just reframe the pieces. Sadly, there was a larger sampler-style piece that somehow jumped out of my cart before I got to the cashier. I'm not sure if someone took it while I wasn't looking, or if I laid it down somewhere while I was rearranging my purchases. Probably the latter. I'll be more careful the next time!

And lastly, a few craft supplies and a sweet Silvestri cross still in the package.

If you've never visited the bins, you should give it a try. It can be a bit off putting as you never know what you might grab, so bring wipes for afterward. I encountered several battery operated holiday decorations that began making noise as soon as I stuck my hand in to dig around. Eeek! The DH refused to go in on this second visit, but I had a wonderful time digging. As one man said to me, "Sometimes you find a real treasure. Sometimes."

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Popping in to share a few finds...

Here are a few of my favorite estate sale finds from the last couple of weeks.

The tree skirt was a lucky score. I was checking out and saw it on the "sold" table. I said that I was sad that I hadn't seen it first, and was told that the person who placed it there decided against it. They even gave me a discount on the already discounted price! 

This large handmade tablecloth is another lucky find. I'll most likely be keeping it.

The floral needlepoints are so pretty, but I have nowhere to hang them so they'll go to Etsy. 

I think this vase is uranium glass. I love the color, so may keep it around for a bit. There have been lots of estate sale hats lately. I can never resist them, and will be showing more here soon from another "just as I was checking out" instance.

Hope you're enjoying the first day of spring! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

It's a Wrap!

This was supposed to be my 2017 year-in-review post, but it's taken me three months and still isn't complete! I'm hoping to do better the rest of this already fast-moving year, but I'm giving up and posting this one as is. 

Last year was a struggle. There was a lot going on and going wrong and life felt like a daily test. Some days I passed, and many days I didn't. To keep above water mentally I junked as often as possible and spent lots of time making things. I just haven't been posting about any of it! So here's a rundown of most of the creative projects and classes from last year. 

Last January Jackie  taught this class at Paper Crown

and I made ATCs for a swap organized by Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff.

I did blog about these two last year. You can get more info here.

Here are the three ATCs I received from the swap. For closer views of each one click here.

In February 2017 I took a pocket/tag class taught by Jackie at Paper Crown, 

and another Paper Crown class on the 26th with Colleen Moody. I had won one of Colleen's online classes a few years ago, and it was a joy to finally take a class with her in person. 

I loved this Paper Crown class taught by Angie in March. She's doing a series of mixed media classes featuring animals. This one, the only one I've been able to take, is based on her dog Lola. This pic is actually Angie's class sample as my Lola is still languishing on my craft table with no collar. Soon.

In April my friend Chris hosted a craft day at her house. No photos, but it was a most enjoyable day! May was pretty much a bust for craftiness.

In June I was invited to join in a every-other-Tuesday art group that provides creative time and lots of camaraderie and laughter. June 13 was the first meeting of the Tuesday Art Group (TAG.) We made this darling wall hanging for the 4th of July...

and on June 27, we made this fabulous centerpiece.

I love this group so much! It's very small, and we chat, craft, eat, and laugh - a LOT - in a sweet and talented friend's beautiful home where she has each project designed and ready for us to make. We take turns providing lunch, play with her two sweet dogs, and generally just have a wonderful time!

More TAG fun in July, and a craft day with another group of friends in Edmond.

On July 26 the TAG group made fabric pumpkins - something I'd always wanted to do but hadn't tried. They were surprisingly easy, fun to embellish, and turned out well.

Later in July Chris asked me to help with a paper marbling class she taught at My Heart's Fancy. Not sure how much help I was, but I enjoyed it!

Stephanie Rubiano taught a Marvelous Mica ATC class at Paper Crown the first weekend in August.

These are my four creations, prior to application of the mica. Only the first one is finished. The others need a bit more work. Think maybe I did a little too much visiting in class??? 

On August 8 the TAG group made fall banners.

In September the TAG gals made Halloween wreaths, spoolies, and two candlestick decorations. Getting pics has been the main slow-down for this post, so I may post these in October. 

Paper Crown's Glitter Corral was October 5-7, with a cowgirl theme. On the 5th we took a chartered bus to the Pioneer Woman Mercantile in Pawhuska. We shopped and then had dinner there. This was my first visit, and it certainly didn't disappoint - lots of eye candy (of course I had to photograph everything Basset Hound related) and great food!

On Day Two of Glitter Corral we made very cool cowgirl journals designed by Jackie...

and a beautiful crown designed by Terri Brush. 

Day Three included a cute and colorful boot canvas designed by Angie...

and a fun and unique banner designed by Bobbie.

I was scheduled for eye surgery in September, but postponed it until after Glitter Corral. Priorities, people! I had cataracts removed and replacement lenses inserted. I'm so happy to have been able to do this, even though it strained our budget. I need to go in for a little tweak to one eye to correct a bit of astigmatism that occurred during the healing process, but should be able to see even without reading glasses after that. It's a bit like a miracle!

On December 21, I sold my 1,000th item on Etsy! I opened my shop late in 2010 so no records broken, but it's a good feeling knowing that others like my discoveries.

I've already had a few classes this year and so will be posting soon about those, along with some great vintage finds. 

Happy (almost) Spring! 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!

Hope everyone had a fun and festive Valentine's Day! Here's something wonderful that joined my Valentine collection this year. 

A group I craft with (more on that in my next post) made these a few weeks ago. It's the perfect display piece for many of my vintage Valentines.

My posts were few and far between last year and I'm trying to do better. I've been working on a lengthy post showing many of the things I made in classes and with friends last year, and hope to have that in a day or two. Then it will be on to new things!

I've been missing posts from so many bloggers who've switched to Instagram and Facebook, but have also seen a few returning to blogging recently. That makes me happy.

Hope there are still some readers out there for this little blog! 💕

Thursday, November 2, 2017

I'm Still Here...

Just popping in to say I'll be at Paper Crown's Glitter Market this Saturday, November 4.
If you're local, stop by for beautiful handmade items from several new and returning vendors and a bit of vintage from me. There will be lots of unique gift items. You can have fun and cross some names off your holiday shopping list at the same time. Hope to see you there! Check out Paper Crown's blog here for sneak previews.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Finally...some finds!

It's hard to believe it's been almost four months since I've posted here! There have been lots of family things going on - health-related and otherwise - and in early April our sweet Georgia went to the Rainbow Bridge. So it's been a bit of a rough year so far!

Junking and Etsy are my distractions, but good estate sale finds have been few and far between with not many things worthy of sharing. A few weekends ago I did find a good stash of vintage jewelry so was able to add some earrings and necklaces to my stash.

The black sequined pieces are shoe clips - not vintage, but they'll be great for crafting. The brooch is vintage.

There were several rhinestone necklaces so I grabbed them all. The oldest - and largest - has some discoloration but is my favorite and I'll most likely hang onto it. 

This all came from a barn sale. The DH thought he was going to find lots of man things, but instead the barn was full of clothing, jewelry and glassware. Too bad for him but great for me!

We took a short road trip on a recent Saturday for a couple of estate sales. We had a nice day but I didn't find a lot - just some buttons and one vintage hat that yielded some shabby but lovely pink flowers. 

The pink flowers have already been listed on Etsy and sold. I did list a few other millinery lots this week, though, including these.

That's it for now. I hope to have more finds to share in the next few weeks. I've not been to any classes lately and am missing that, so perhaps I'll have a class project to share soon, too. Hope all of you are getting your inspiration on!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day - Pretty and Pink Swap Returns

Hope everyone is having a lovely Valentine's Day. It's cold and rainy here, so we'll be celebrating at home. Oh, wait. We ALWAYS celebrate at home - don't love the crowded restaurants! 

Sharing the three lovely ATCs I received from Kim's ArtJoyStuff Pretty and Pink ATC Swap.  

Kim included the pretty vintage lace wound on a wooden clothespin. Very sweet!

The pretty and dainty ATC above is by Sylvia. She used the tiniest doily I've ever seen, and she also included the cute little round folder seen in the first photo.

This ATC by Jane has pretty silk-covered beads and gold elements. Very elegant and lovely!

This beautiful ATC by Jackie has so many layers and a lot of dimension that you can't see in the photo. 

Thank you, Sylvia, Jane and Jackie. I love your creations! And thanks to Kim for hosting and for the pretty lace! If you'd like to see all of the ATCs from this swap, visit ArtJoyStuff here.

To see the ATCs I made, please visit my last post here.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pretty in Pink ATC Swap and Heart Pillow Class

Kim at ArtJoyStuff hosted a Pretty & Pink ATC swap for January. Here are my little creations.

I used hand-dyed velvet for the background with an overlay of vintage dotted tulle. The vintage photos were copied onto fabric. The applique trim was purchased last week from Kathy who has one of my favorite Etsy shops, Strange Notions. I bought them mainly to cut apart and include in inspiration kits, but they were perfect for my ATCs.

The tiny envelopes used on the backs came from the Target Dollar Spot. I included swap and contact info on the little letter tucked inside, and added Dresden wings.

I gathered a few little things for our hostess, Kim, including an ATC to keep, vintage heart sequins from French General, a tiny spray of millinery berries, and a bit of applique trim.

This was a 3-for-3 swap, so I'll have three pretty creations to show you next month. 

Another Valentine-themed opportunity came along when Jackie taught a Valentine pillow class at Paper Crown. Isn't this the cutest thing?

We had such a good time stitching and chatting! As is always the case with Jackie's classes, I loved the class and love the fun piece she designed.

Only a couple of weeks until Valentine's Day! Do you have all your decorations on display? I'll be sharing some past Valentine creations before the holiday.