Monday, August 24, 2015

Crafting - Altered Muslin Bags

I don't do much creating these days, but give me some great inspiration and I jump right in. Jackie recently inspired me with her samples for an upcoming Bags and Tags class (see a tiny little peek here.) The class was postponed, but I couldn't wait and had to make a few sets. 

Here are my bags and tags, made from bits and pieces within easy reach on my worktable. The two above are my favorites. Low tones are usually much easier for me to work with.

But I do love the brights, too. The little aqua print hexagon is one I saved from a batch of quilt pieces I sold recently - just couldn't let it go! The tag in the bluebird bag will probably be changed out or added to as I'm not totally pleased with it yet. 

Have you tried altering some of these little bags? They're a great size for a quick project and a fun way to use a few favorite bits and paper scraps. 

I'm looking forward to Jackie's class because I love her style, and she provides such a unique stash of embellishments for classes. She always shares new techniques, as well as her fun-loving personality and amazing homemade goodies! If you're local and would like to join in on a class, watch Jackie's blog or the Paper Crown blog for upcoming dates.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Thrifting Finds

I seldom go thrifting unless I'm traveling. The thrift stores nearby rarely have vintage items so I eventually gave up on them. When my friend Kay invited me to visit some of her favorite thrifts on the other side of town, I was hopeful but not totally confident that I'd find anything. What I did know is that I'd enjoy her company regardless, so I gladly accepted.

One of the best parts of the day was seeing her amazing collection of vintage. I could have stayed all day just looking at every little thing in her house. No pics - sorry, didn't even ask - but it was fabulous! Imagine pink and aqua everything, amazing creations, wonderful old photos, and more. It was really beyond description in the best possible way. 

But...we did find things! At the end of the day the back of my car was packed. Here are just a few things I found, mixed in with bits from a couple of estate sales.

I have my aunt's McCoy wishing well so this one will be going to Glitter Market or Etsy. The mosaic-topped box will probably stay with me because I like the colors.

I'm wondering if the cowbell could be Swiss (need to do a bit more research.) 

I spotted this cake topper as I was checking out at the first store. Love it!

The box is a bit battered but interesting. The decals are from the 50s, as are the cute New Orleans "Souvenir Views." These were all thrift items.

The buttons are from an estate sale this past weekend. I haven't found a button stash in quite a while. The large silver pieces are a belt buckle. In case you're looking closely, yes, there are two wing nuts in the mix. Oops! Missed those during the sorting.
These are some of my favorites. The navy button attached to the tag isn't terribly old - probably 1960s or 70s - but would be fun pasted into a journal. 
Plastic 1950s nut cups, a tiny celluloid couple, and vintage invitations - all from different stores.

There was much more - including a box of 1920s and 1930s sewing patterns that we split. All in all, it was a truly enjoyable day. Thank you, Kay! Hope we can do it again soon!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Lace Trend

In the midst of all my recent lace sorting I found this blog post from Stampington and Co. about the current trend to use lace in fashion. This is a look I've long loved but haven't embraced as I usually dress to deflect rather than draw attention. 

Even so, I recently found a piece of vintage lace that may work with a tee from last year that I've yet to wear. The two pieces are not exactly the same shade, but seem like they might work together. The lace is made in a circle and is about the right size to fit the bottom of the tee.

I'll let you know how it goes. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A New Model and Some Vintage Lace

A few weeks ago I decided a doll was needed to model the vintage baby things that I frequently find and sell on Etsy. Just a few days after making that decision, this little charmer was waiting at an estate sale.

She's the perfect size and came with this pretty dress that was worth the purchase itself. I haven't given her her first assignment yet but will soon. Another bonus is that she isn't too girly to model boys' clothing thanks to her molded hair. I haven't named her yet but I do love her!

Probably my favorite thing to do with vintage finds is putting together inspiration kits like this yellow one. I'll be doing lots of these in various colors over the next few weeks for Etsy and for Glitter Market in November. I know someone will be able to create something beautiful with all the bits and pieces.

I've been sorting through my lace lately, finding little stashes I had forgotten and making an effort to put together some fun lots for Etsy and Glitter Market. I rarely have white lace, but a recent find at an estate sale gave me enough for the lot above. The cream-color lots have been selling quickly (thank you to my great customers!) so I'll be listing more of those soon.

What do you love to create with lace?

There's Been Gifting Going On

Some fun gifts have come my way lately from family and from artsy friends.

One of my sweet sisters-in-law brought me the cute little hat. My friend Chris made the planner, and my sister-in-art Terry sent the beautiful pin cushion doll she made at Kim Caldwell's Roaring Twenties Affaire earlier this year.

Here's a close-up of the little flapper girl. She's a beauty!

Chris took one of Debby Schuh's planner classes recently and immediately went home to make more. Love that about her, especially when I'm the recipient!

Chris used some of her amazing gelli prints in the journal. There's a  2016 calendar and plenty of pages for notes, journaling and sketching.

It's hard to see, but there are clear overlay pages for sticky notes, etc. The edges are bound with my new fav, washi tape. 

If you have a chance to take one of Debby Schuh's classes, do! Her kits are packed with supplies as well as detailed instructions. She gives loads of tips on fun and fast ways to create interesting journals.

Terry and I exchange gifts fairly often so I haven't blogged lately about it, but I loved the look of the latest package I sent her. I knew as soon as I saw the sweet Bon Bon Bunny for Lesa Dailey's class at Glitter Retreat earlier this year that I'd be sending my creation to Terry.

The darling bunny with her black and white polka dot dress was perfect for Terry. She loves black and white so I collect little things to send her. The cute notebooks ending up being removed from this shipment as I was afraid they'd smash Bon Bon, but they'll be going in my next package. 

Vintage and art gifts - wonderful!

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