Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She Art with Christy Tomlinson

Several months ago I signed up for Christy Tomlinson's 'She Art' on-line class.  She's an excellent instructor who makes it look so easy, but I was my usual insecure and procrastinating self and waited a couple of months before I felt brave enough to begin.  The videos were fun to watch and her attitude that anything you don't like can be painted over and re-done made me feel better.  She's so sweet and by the time you've watched one or two of the sessions, you feel like you know her and you wish she lived next door!

I finally started with a self portrait of sorts. I'm not that happy with the background as I got a little carried away with the roses (stamped using romaine lettuce bases - ha!) and I'm not crazy about how the bird stamp turned out, but overall it's okay.
Making it was so much fun that I decided to make some for friends.  I've been having slumber parties with two very dear friends, Lucy and Gay, for almost 25 years.  We met through work and were all three kind of off-beat crazy. We had so much fun together that we decided to have a slumber party, or SP as we now call it.  Little did we know that we'd be having SP into middle age!  When we all lived in the same area we had SP about three times a year, taking turns hosting and banishing our spouses to a hotel.  Now that Gay lives in another state, we try to SP at least once a year when she visits her family in the OKC area. It's our chance to have time to really talk and catch up.

About 15 years ago we added the gift element.  We each give a bag, box or basket full of gifts to the others, usually one or two nice things and several funny things.  I decided to give them She Art canvases this time.  I made Gay's first. It went well and I was pleased with it.
Lucy's gave me some problems (rub-on issues, paint issues, coloring issues - must have been the humidity) but ultimately turned out well.
They said they like them, but of course they wouldn't say they didn't, no matter how awful they were! Well, yeah, maybe they would...and I wouldn't mind!

Not sure who my next "victim" will be, but She Art is one of the most enjoyable things I've tried.  Thanks, Christy, for encouraging all of us and sharing your talents! I highly recommend the She Art course, and want to try her journaling course next.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blogger Blues

I've tried several times in the last couple of weeks to post comments to other blogs, but Blogger keeps having me log in and then marks my post as Anonymous.  Even then, when I hit Publish again, it goes back to the log-in screen.  Is anyone else having this problem? But I suppose if you are, you won't be able to leave me a comment to let me know!  Sheesh.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canton, Texas First Monday Trade Days

Kerry, Chris and I - along with our wonderful cart-pushing, uncomplaining, junk-hauling hubbies - traveled to Canton, Texas earlier this month for First Monday Trade Days.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon and made a quick tour of a few buildings before everything closed for the day around 6pm.  On Friday we were there at 8am when it was relatively cool, but by the time we headed back to our hotel late in the afternoon it was hotter than HELL. We can testify that those slightly dorky bands that you soak in ice water and wear around your neck are lifesavers - they really work!
Chris, John and Kerry on the parking lot shuttle

Bob, Mike and John at the beginning of our adventure.
Chris made the big buy of trip with a beautiful vintage library cabinet she'll use to store all her craft supplies.  Kerry and I bought lots of small items, and all three of us found a printers tray.  Here's my tray and a few of the other goodies I found.

I've wanted a metal pig with wings for a while now (Why? Who knows!) and found just the right one (pink) at Canton.
We had planned to go again on Saturday but decided it was just too hot. Instead we hit a few antique stores, and then saw X-Men and enjoyed the local theater's air conditioning. 

We found some great things, had lots of laughs, and truly enjoyed our little getaway. Just about everything imaginable is available at Canton Trade Days and I think we'd all love to go back - but NOT in the summer!