Sunday, May 15, 2016

Glitter Retreat 2016 - My Swap Creations

Glitter Retreat 2016 was wonderful! The best classes, fun swaps, and the decor was amazing! Cindy has several detailed posts about Glitter Retreat on the Paper Crown blog - I've provided links below to them all - so I'm going to focus on the swaps and the swag. For this post I'll show my swap creations.

There were three swaps, and I joined all three. Swaps and classes seem to be just about the only time I make anything anymore so I join when I can.

One was a paper doll swap, using Catherine Moore's Character Constructions stamps. I used my oldest and one of my favorites of the stamps for this project. The wings are from a piece of scrapbook paper. I had used the rest of the paper several years ago but didn't need the wings at the time so saved them for something special. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but the wings are textured and glittered.

Since the theme was French Flea Market, I used the French 'create' on the little banner. 

A bit of filigree metal for a crown, some aqua rhinestones, and a bit of lace were my finishing touches. I was pleased with her but compared to some of the creations for the swap, I am a rank amateur! If you visit the Swaps link below you'll see what I mean. The other creations were simply amazing! 

There was also a bracelet swap. I copied a bracelet I love that a friend had given me several years ago. 

In spite of my lack of wire wrapping experience, it turned out fairly well. I love the vintage beads I had on hand and the little MOP heart charm. 

I had a little doll train case I had found years ago at an estate sale. It was perfect as a case for the bracelet with the addition of a couple of French tags.

The last swap was a embellished French slipper swap. After looking for several weeks I didn't find anything particularly French, so used a sequined pump from the thrift store.

I added rose trim around the top and lined the inside with vintage wallpaper trimmed with a beaded flourish. The front was embellished with a black ribbon rose shoe clip with a vintage earring in the center. On the back I added a frog closure. 

Inside the shoe we were to place items that might be found at a French brocante. I included lace, buttons and other embellishments in a little bag, vintage black sequin and net trim, gold foil Dresden pieces, and a bit of vintage millinery.

Everything was secured inside the shoe with a swath of black tulle. I had French tissue paper, and French tags were tied to the bag with seam binding. 

My camera was broken when I took these photos, so please excuse the poor quality. A new camera has been secured and I'll have better photos in my next post of the fun things I received from the swaps.

Here are the promised links to the Glitter Retreat 2016 posts on the Paper Crown blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April Finds

Things seem to be picking up in estate sale land. There was a sale a few weeks ago about an hour away in a home that had been occupied by the same family for around 100 years. It just happened to be the same town where we rescued one of our Bassets, Henry, so we have fond thoughts and were happy to make the drive. 

I didn't buy a lot, but did find things I love. The small 70s suitcase is in great condition but...I didn't notice the front zipper was broken until I got to the car. I'm hoping it can be repaired. The tablecloth has some stains but lots of clean areas so will be a good cutter. I can't resist vintage slips, especially in pink. They usually sell quickly. I just got a few of the hankies and dresser scarves that were available since I already have so many, but the one with sweet birds and a flower garland was a must-have.
Someone used lots of pretty vintage millinery flowers to decorate this doll hat. I'll be removing them to use on projects and in inspiration kits. I was excited when I first saw it, but when I turned it over...
I saw that they had also decorated the underside of the brim! What a great find, and the price was great, too.

This little guy also came home with me. These are pretty readily available online and there are probably reproductions, but this one appears to be original to the 1940s or so. Pretty much everything in the kitchen was from the 1960s or before. It's in excellent condition, so hopefully someone in Etsy land will fall in love with him.
This 1940s Horsman bride doll was purchased this past weekend while I was at Glitter Retreat (more on that in my next few posts.) She was at a local consignment decorating store, and was half price at their sidewalk sale but still more than I usually pay. I bought a few other things and left her behind, but just had to go back for her. She'll be going to Etsy as soon as I clean her up a bit. 

My room is piled with things, so I'm not sure why I'm anxious for more estate sales. I need to list what's already here before buying more. 

We finally broke down and got a new computer (NOT an HP! Never again!) and then my camera broke. I'll be blogging and listing with iPhone pics until I replace it. It was fairly inexpensive and gave me thousands of photos over the last six years, so I can't complain.

Glitter Retreat posts coming soon!