Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finds and Friends

Mother Nature has given us a few warm sunny days lately between the bouts of frigid temps, so we've tried to venture out to find a treasure or two.

I love this vintage photo and all the bits of bling.  

Most of these bits were in a big baggie along with quite a few loose rhinestones in several sizes and colors. I have a little jar just for loose stones. The blue and silver choker and matching earrings are made from sequins, and the black and yellow piece at the top is bugle beads and seed beads.
The Parker Brothers Touring card game is from the 1950s. I also have a version from the 1940s. The buttons were glued to a raffia slipper but came off easily. The little wallet is red inside and has a snap-open coin purse. I'm not sure what I'll do with it. The happy Basset cards will be staying with me. I'm trying so hard to not accumulate any more Basset Hound goodies, but I just couldn't resist that face!

I love these little felt flower designs from a nearby estate sale. They were hanging on the wall in a dark bedroom and aren't faded at all.

I probably wouldn't have even noticed the felt flowers a few months ago, but I recently became interested in felt work through one of my Etsy customers-turned-friend. After purchasing some lace from me she sent me a photo of her work and I was blown away by the detail! I absolutely loved her heart-shaped creations, but when she sent me a photo of some sweet little bird pins I just had to have one. Everything is so tiny and perfect. Such talent!

Barbara recently opened an Esty shop of her own called GlosterQueen. You really should check it out. The pins make wonderful gifts, and the recipients will be sure to thank you.
Glosters are a type of canary, by the way. I also learned that from Barbara.

Friends are coming over to craft this weekend, so I've been trying to get things put away. I have so much more space now in my new room than I had before, but I still seem to always have various projects and Etsy items spread out all over. I'd better get back to my cleaning!