Thursday, September 19, 2013

Debby Schuh Classes

Debby Schuh of The Memory Bee was in Oklahoma City last week for four classes. I took her two Friday classes - Little Me journal and an Oklahoma memory book - and while we didn't finish either project in class, we made a great start and learned lots of great tips to make quick pages that look amazing! Debby was a lot of fun and provided extremely generous class kits, so there will be lots to play with to finish the projects.

I'm still having major Blogger issues so can't post photos, but you can check out Debby's blog via the link above (scroll down past the cute donkeys) or go to Jackie's blog here to see her post about her completed Little Me journal. Check out Lisa's blog here to see her finished Oklahoma memory book.

We're in the process of emptying out my craft room and our guest room so we can remove the carpet and have tile put down. I knew I had a lot of STUFF, but until I had to pack and move it I didn't realize just how much there really was. It's really ridiculous - SOOO much more than I could ever possibly use - and I've come to realize that the main reason I don't make things more often is that I'm totally overwhelmed by the options, and the search for whatever it is I'm thinking of. We are moving the craft room to a bigger space during this process, but I still plan to take some time when everything goes back in to purge. But before that, we'll be spending a week at the beach while someone else takes care of our house and our pups, and puts in the new tile. I have a feeling we're going to need this vacation badly by the time we leave here!

My Esty shop will be on vacation for a couple of weeks for restocking and R and R. 

Happy September!