Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring

So, the first day of spring. Yesterday it was 70 degrees, and today it's snowing (see below). My scheduled trip with friends to the antique mall was postponed, and I spent the day in the house with the DH and the dogs. I've only managed to create one thing today, and I'm not sure how pleased I am with it, but it was fun. The base is leftover cardboard from an earlier vintage photo frame project - don't like to throw anything away. I used 7 Gypsies gaffers tape to connect the two parts that were cut away from the frame for the earlier project. I like the little embossed design where the easel back was supposed to fit, so I used Ranger Perfect Pearls to highlight it. The "Keep Your Youthful Beauty" banner was part of an ephemera lot from my very first purchase on eBay several years ago, and the teal die cut behind it was something my friend K had left over from another project. Saving does have its benefits!

Happy spring, and enjoy your hunting and gathering!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ardmore and Davis

Another Saturday, another car part to chase down. This time it was '39 Chevy fenders, found by the DH on Craig's list, and located in Ardmore, OK. I love traveling in Oklahoma, but DO NOT go south from Norman on I-35 if you can help it. Take Highway 77 - much more scenic and no hour-long traffic jams due to road construction. The only bad thing about not taking I-35 is missing the Bedre' chocolate shop.

On a more pleasant note, after picking up the fenders, we had lunch at Bill's Fish House between Ardmore and Lone Grove. Then - the highlight of the trip - we stopped at Cloverleaf! I'm crazy for Cloverleaf! If you've never been, go now. It's just fun and funky. There's one in Oklahoma City, too, but my favorite is the original at exit 31-B in Ardmore. The parking lot was too crowded to get a good pic, but here's my best shot.

On the way home we exited at Davis to go over to Hwy. 77. Just as we came into Davis there was a true junk shop. I think it was even called The Junk Shop. This is one of those places where you have to watch where you step, do lots of digging through boxes and piles, and then wash your hands as soon as you get in the car - my favorite kind of place!

I found old rubber typewriter keys, a 1940s home magazine, a perfect vintage Valentine's hanky, someone's Class of 1929 photo, a 1963 California dairy calendar card with a pic of two cute little girls, a wood tag, a glass Basset hound (more on that in a future post), and a letter from 1949, undeliverable and returned to sender, never opened. It was from a law firm located at that time on the floor just above my old office in the First National Building in downtown OKC. Imagine. The return address on the envelope was different, so that wasn't why I picked it. Who knew? It does have multiple postmarks and embossed postage, and there was an unmailed postcard inside. Treasure!

Until the next road trip...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Alter this!

Here's a little something I made using the cardboard frame from a vintage photo, some old lace and a few other goodies. It's much cuter in person...really!

On March 6 we traveled to Shawnee, OK for the annual auto swap meet. Lovely weather and great music on the iPod. The dear husband (DH) bought nothing at the swap meet. I found three old taillights - one with a facteted blue center, one very small one, and one in a metal mounting plate - and a metal pulley. Not sure what I'll use them for, but I will. Afterward we had lunch at Hamburger King (yum!) Then it was on to Green's Corner on the east side of downtown Shawnee - one of our favorite places to score great stuff - and a few other antique malls. The DH found a couple of things for his garage, and I found a great little metal storage chest, old books, a vintage photo, vintage jewelry, stencils, an unused Victory flour sack, two little bags with ice cream ads, a glass paperweight, and more. I may have spent $15 total. Maybe less. Take a look!

Shawnee is a great place to visit. We'll be back in a few months for the Knights 25th Annual Car Show.

And Away We Go

I've always enjoyed shopping for vintage treasures to re-use in creative ways, or just to have and admire. I love seeing what others find, too.

The dear husband is restoring/hot-rodding a 1939 Chevy sedan, so we make lots of day trips looking for car parts. He frequently laments that I find more on these excursions than he does (true).

Over the years I've accumulated quite a collection of old jewelry, photos, books, linens, and lots of other things. Recently retired, I'm hoping to spend some of my new-found free time to create using my stash of goodies - and of course to pursue more junk!

Via this blog, I hope to share our travels and finds - and maybe some of my creations - with friends, family and others who are interested in such things. Hope you enjoy!

The Junque Seeker