Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Creative Space

In September of 2013 we moved my creative space from our smallest bedroom into our master bedroom. It was the DH's suggestion. His reasoning was that since I'm in my space for a good part of every day and since our only computer, which we both used, was also in that space it made sense to move it to the bigger room. I had to think about it for a bit - really, how would that look to other people? - but he was right. We've never had a lot of company - our nice-sized guest room had only been used a handful of times in the last 19 years - so we made that our master. Now the DH has his extra-large garage (part of the reason that third bedroom is so small but that's a whole other story!) and I have lots more room for fun junque! I intended to take pics of the "new" space ages ago. It's a bit messy (always) but here's a tour. 

As you look in the door, you see the table the DH made for me to work on. It's two cubbies from Target topped by a piece of MDF. Since I usually work standing up, I had him make it higher than normal and added bar stools from IKEA. For the holidays, it can serve as additional dining space. On a day to day basis, it's usually piled like this with estate sale finds unless I'm working on a project. Love, love, love my IKEA cart underneath!

The cubbies hold canvases, lace, and miscellaneous craft supplies on one end...

and mostly fabric on the end closer to the sewing table.

As you walk in the door, this white chest is mostly filled with lace and trim. I thought it would hold my entire collection, but not even close. Above that are creations from various classes, some gifts from friends, and a few things I've made on my own or purchased. And since this is also my office/Etsy shipping space, here's the printer and postal scale.

Next to that is the armoire where I store most of my Etsy stock and shipping supplies. It's amazing what will fit in there! My petite dress form stands watch.

Next is a cobbled-together bookcase found at a local antique store. Someone used scrap lumber and sort of threw it together, but it actually functions fairly well. It's cluttered but I know where everything is.

It holds tags from most of the tag swaps I've joined, buttons, millinery, and lots of little bits and pieces. There's a shelf "missing" between the two photos below. You can see a bit of it in the second pic. That shelf holds all my journals - ones I've made, some I've received, and several blank ones waiting for me to get creative.

Next is my IKEA Expedit shelving. I had wanted this for ages and finally had room for one in this space - barely! The top is covered with class projects, things I've received from swaps, gifts, and various things I've collected. The shelves are loaded with jars of buttons, boxes of linens and lace, books, and more interesting tidbits than you can imagine. The canvas bins hold paper, embellishments, and things I just can't let go of. One is full of just little boxes, mostly vintage but all too cute to throw away. Might need one for a swap or gift someday!

Here are close ups of a few of the cubbies. The locker basket in this first one is full of hankies and napkins. I need to pull the glove boxes out for a peek as I can't remember what's in all of them!

This next cubby has buttons, ribbon and my two bags full of vintage buckles.

The pretty boxes in this next cubby are full of lace and ribbon. The jar at the top is full of old strings of faux pearls, and there are lots of things I'm hoarding for future projects.

This next cubby holds four one-gallon pickle jars - one with Scrabble letters, Bingo tiles and checkers; one with miscellaneous small junque items; one behind full of sewing notions; and the other full of glass tubes, vials and tiny jars - more than I could ever possibly use. 

One more cubby and then we'll move on. This one holds my four jars of white buttons, a jar of rhinestone-accented buttons, jars of pink and gray buttons, and a gallon jar stuffed with rayon seam binding. The oil cans are just two of several in my collection.

Next up is my vintage cabinet. My mother gave me this. It originally belonged to her grandmother. It holds lace, a shoe box full of cabinet cards and vintage photos, vintage gloves, porcelain heads and lots more. 

Here's a close up of a few of the things in the cabinet. On the middle shelf you can see my two partially completed Briley the Birdie dolls from a Colleen Moody online class. Need to finish those!

There isn't much wall space left in this room, but this tiny bit beside the window holds a shelf of stamps and stamp pads, plus a couple of hooks for blingy things.

My sewing table sits in front of the window. I just got a new machine and love the bit of turquoise on the front.  The plastic cabinet on the left holds my Etsy files as well as folders from retreats and classes. That's my newest dress form on the right, still waiting for a frilly skirt to cover her exposed foam rubber. 

On the far right is my ribbon rack, and under that are six plastic bins of things that won't fit anywhere else in this room. Purging might be in order. Next to that is a three-basket rolling rack full of old books and various vintage paper items, topped by my Harbor Freight four-tier lazy-susan-style storage rack. Plus a basket with more ribbon. And a few other things. Eeek.

The bookcase and computer desk are next. Lots of assorted things find their home here, and the desk is always messy.

The top of the credenza holds lots of little jars and containers with beads, sequins, rhinestones and more. A recent addition is the wonderful graphic my mom did for a correspondence art course when she was a teen. I get my artistic inclinations from her.

There are more containers on the other end, and an amazing angel creation from an amazing friend. This room is filled with gifts and creations from special people, and it always makes me happy to be in here.

Lastly, here's a little table that holds my tool carousel, two boxes full of costume jewelry, and bags and bins of vintage velvet ribbon. Underneath is a vintage overnight case that holds more millinery flowers.

That's it! It really is a fun space and I'm happy to have it. Now I just need to clear off that table and start creating!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lace and Vintage Fashion Finds

Last Friday I went to a sale in Guthrie, Oklahoma - a town known for its statehood-era homes and a historic downtown area packed with antique stores. It turned out that the "estate sale" was actually the moving sale of a local antiques dealer who is getting married and selling her early 1900's home and most of the contents. As a dealer her prices were a bit high for resale but I did find a few affordable bits of lace, a sweet terrier needlepoint piece and a small framed print.

There were several large bins of gorgeous lace and it was SO hard to leave without it. Had the prices been better it would all be here now!

On the way home I stopped at a sale in north Edmond. It didn't sound that promising but was on the way. I didn't see much at first but then spotted some wonderful vintage clothing. The woman conducting the sale told me the clothes belonged to her mother-in-law. 

This amazing moire' satin two-piece was her wedding suit, circa 1941. It fits my dress form like a glove.

The trim on the ruffled collar is so pretty.

This peignoir set was her wedding night attire. The black lace is a bit discolored - it looks kind of green in the bright sunlight - but it's still a lovely set. 

This satin dress with matching hat - a Dance Original by Fred Perlberg - was worn to her sister's wedding, in the late 40s or early 1950s. The matching hat is a framework of velvet-covered wire with little bows and rhinestone-accented tulle.

I wasn't planning to buy this kimono. It was hanging against an armoire and though it was pretty, I wasn't sure if it was something I could sell. 
The woman really wanted me to take it, though, so I consented and her husband went to get it for me. When he came walking back with it, I was SO glad I had relented because he was holding it with the back facing me, and...

isn't it beautiful???  She also sold me her husband's darling little going-home-from-the-hospital knitted sweater and cap from 1950.

Although it will be hard to part with them, the clothes will all be going to my Etsy shop soon. I'll be listing a few lace lots as well. 

I've finally managed to take some photos of my creative space and will be sharing those in the next week. I've been in this space for over a year now and have given up on it ever looking neat so I'll be sharing it as-is!