Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sweet Gifts

Recently I had the pleasure of sending Laurie something I found that she had been seeking for some time. It was a cross stitch piece found at an estate sale. I didn't have any real plans for it, but purchased it because it had birds on it and birds = cute! You can see a bit of it in this photo.

Laurie saw it on my blog and wanted to buy it. Another of her friends had a similar piece that she loved and she had wanted one ever since she saw it. Laurie has shared so much with me in the past that I wanted to give her this piece. Of course - being the sweet person she is - she sent me more lovely things as a thank you. 

She made the pretty box, which is covered in vintage wallpaper and millinery flowers. She also made the very clever envelope with scrapbook paper and organza. The paper she used for the envelope just happens to be one of my favorite patterns ever - you can see a bit more of it to the left in the photos below - so I'm excited to have this keepsake made from it.

Inside the envelope she put vintage wallpapers, cute vintage cards (can't believe she found one with an adorable Basset Hound!) and some of the new IKEA stickers. Our closest IKEA is about four hours away and I've not made it there yet to see all the fun new paper products. These stickers will keep me happy until I can make that trip.

The box was packed with lots of fun things for spring creating - sweet chick fabric, a beautiful lavender millinery flower, trims, tiny birds, chicks and eggs, and more.

There were also tags and stickers, flowers and charms, a vintage decal, more cute birds, and a fun honeycomb strawberry. 

Thank you, Laurie, for sharing your creativity and vintage finds. I love it all, and hope the bird cross stitch brings you lots of happiness! 

Laurie has recently reopened her Etsy shop with some pretty handcrafted items and ephemera. You can see it here.