Saturday, September 25, 2010

Okie Bellas in Duncan

On Saturday, September 11 Chris and I drove to Duncan for a day of shopping and crafting with the Duncan Bellas.  After touring Kerry's and Teresa's beautiful homes and studios and enjoying mimosas, we hit the antique malls before lunch.  After lunch and more shopping, it was on to Sheryl's gorgeous home for a tour and soldering lessons.  All three of these ladies made me realize I need to get on the ball with the decorating.  I used to love it, but as my style changed over the years I pretty much just removed things and didn't really replace them.  Since seeing their truly amazing decor, I've painted a table and shelf and made displays of various things that had been scattered all over the house, so I give them a big thank you for the inspiration.  I still have loads to do but at least I'm working on it now.  I'm also excited to get an old buffet/hutch that my mom is giving me this weekend that she inherited from her uncle.  It should hold loads of craft supplies and I think will alleviate some of the clutter and crowding I have now.

Here's Chris displaying her soldering talent (thanks to Teresa for the pic). 

Just a few of the MANY things I bought that day.

And here's the shelf I painted.  I bought it years ago at a garage sale and it's been on my kitchen counter ever since.  It was hunter green before and kind of blended into the shadows under the cabinet, but just look at it now!

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