Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Canton, Texas First Monday Trade Days

Kerry, Chris and I - along with our wonderful cart-pushing, uncomplaining, junk-hauling hubbies - traveled to Canton, Texas earlier this month for First Monday Trade Days.  We arrived on Thursday afternoon and made a quick tour of a few buildings before everything closed for the day around 6pm.  On Friday we were there at 8am when it was relatively cool, but by the time we headed back to our hotel late in the afternoon it was hotter than HELL. We can testify that those slightly dorky bands that you soak in ice water and wear around your neck are lifesavers - they really work!
Chris, John and Kerry on the parking lot shuttle

Bob, Mike and John at the beginning of our adventure.
Chris made the big buy of trip with a beautiful vintage library cabinet she'll use to store all her craft supplies.  Kerry and I bought lots of small items, and all three of us found a printers tray.  Here's my tray and a few of the other goodies I found.

I've wanted a metal pig with wings for a while now (Why? Who knows!) and found just the right one (pink) at Canton.
We had planned to go again on Saturday but decided it was just too hot. Instead we hit a few antique stores, and then saw X-Men and enjoyed the local theater's air conditioning. 

We found some great things, had lots of laughs, and truly enjoyed our little getaway. Just about everything imaginable is available at Canton Trade Days and I think we'd all love to go back - but NOT in the summer!

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  1. I am so jealous! I want to go so bad! Maybe in the found some fun stuff! I cannot even imagine my hubby going with me, though -- he'd never survive it! You are one lucky girl!