Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lace and Vintage Fashion Finds

Last Friday I went to a sale in Guthrie, Oklahoma - a town known for its statehood-era homes and a historic downtown area packed with antique stores. It turned out that the "estate sale" was actually the moving sale of a local antiques dealer who is getting married and selling her early 1900's home and most of the contents. As a dealer her prices were a bit high for resale but I did find a few affordable bits of lace, a sweet terrier needlepoint piece and a small framed print.

There were several large bins of gorgeous lace and it was SO hard to leave without it. Had the prices been better it would all be here now!

On the way home I stopped at a sale in north Edmond. It didn't sound that promising but was on the way. I didn't see much at first but then spotted some wonderful vintage clothing. The woman conducting the sale told me the clothes belonged to her mother-in-law. 

This amazing moire' satin two-piece was her wedding suit, circa 1941. It fits my dress form like a glove.

The trim on the ruffled collar is so pretty.

This peignoir set was her wedding night attire. The black lace is a bit discolored - it looks kind of green in the bright sunlight - but it's still a lovely set. 

This satin dress with matching hat - a Dance Original by Fred Perlberg - was worn to her sister's wedding, in the late 40s or early 1950s. The matching hat is a framework of velvet-covered wire with little bows and rhinestone-accented tulle.

I wasn't planning to buy this kimono. It was hanging against an armoire and though it was pretty, I wasn't sure if it was something I could sell. 
The woman really wanted me to take it, though, so I consented and her husband went to get it for me. When he came walking back with it, I was SO glad I had relented because he was holding it with the back facing me, and...

isn't it beautiful???  She also sold me her husband's darling little going-home-from-the-hospital knitted sweater and cap from 1950.

Although it will be hard to part with them, the clothes will all be going to my Etsy shop soon. I'll be listing a few lace lots as well. 

I've finally managed to take some photos of my creative space and will be sharing those in the next week. I've been in this space for over a year now and have given up on it ever looking neat so I'll be sharing it as-is!


  1. You know I adore that lace and judging by what came home, I can imagine it was hard to leave any behind. Can't wait to see your creative space!

  2. Just seeing a picture of lace makes my heart beat a little faster. I love those crochet window pull things...and the vintage clothes...yum..especially the collar on that wedding suit.

  3. Those vintage clothes are so AWESOME! I wish I was skinny, it would be great fun to wear them!

    1. I feel the same way, Deb - if I were skinny, they'd be going into my closet!

  4. OH those clothes and that kimono! I would have been in heaven. Isn't it wonderful you got to enjoy them, and photograph them, before you had to sell them?! That's what I loved about this business. I look forward to seeing your creative space!