Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A New Model and Some Vintage Lace

A few weeks ago I decided a doll was needed to model the vintage baby things that I frequently find and sell on Etsy. Just a few days after making that decision, this little charmer was waiting at an estate sale.

She's the perfect size and came with this pretty dress that was worth the purchase itself. I haven't given her her first assignment yet but will soon. Another bonus is that she isn't too girly to model boys' clothing thanks to her molded hair. I haven't named her yet but I do love her!

Probably my favorite thing to do with vintage finds is putting together inspiration kits like this yellow one. I'll be doing lots of these in various colors over the next few weeks for Etsy and for Glitter Market in November. I know someone will be able to create something beautiful with all the bits and pieces.

I've been sorting through my lace lately, finding little stashes I had forgotten and making an effort to put together some fun lots for Etsy and Glitter Market. I rarely have white lace, but a recent find at an estate sale gave me enough for the lot above. The cream-color lots have been selling quickly (thank you to my great customers!) so I'll be listing more of those soon.

What do you love to create with lace?


  1. I adore the way you put together your inspiration kits! I think I make mine WAY to much work. Well done!

  2. Love your new model and your inspiration kits are wonderful!

  3. Sweet Kits - they make me feel tempted but I have enough for now!
    Many thanks for your kind comments too!