Friday, October 9, 2015

Vacation Finds

After a looooong dry spell, the past two weekends pretty much made up for it by rewarding me with lots of great finds.  But first, now that the PC is working again and I've finally reloaded all my software, music, and other necessities, here are a few photos from vacation!

We try to go to Florida every other year - so relaxing! Day 1 was all about the beach - morning to night.

On Day 2 we drove to Apalachicola for lunch at Boss Oyster. We like sitting on the back deck and watching the fishing boats go by. 

The rest of the trip was basically the same every day - beach by 10am, up to our room for lunch, and back to the beach until mid to late afternoon. Then we clean up, go shop a bit or just drive around, and then go out for a nice dinner. It's our idea of a great vacation!

The Florida panhandle is not a haven for great vintage finds but I did manage to gather a few things on the way home. 

The black buttons are newer but made in Italy and I like the shape, and I'll always grab any buttons with rhinestones.

The needlepoint bird is particularly appealing. There's only about a yard of the pom pom trim, so I'll be keeping it for a project. 

We were sad to find that one of our favorite places - Mr. Bill's Antiques in Mobile, Alabama - has closed permanently. We've been stopping there for years and will miss visiting with them. 

I have more finds for future posts, as well as a class and a fun swap. Happy fall! I'm a little late, but my pumpkins and mums will be going out tomorrow.


  1. That sounds like a perfectly relaxing vacation! I love those religious medallions.

  2. That bird needlepoint is just wonderful -- I'm glad you found a few things that made you happy. Sad about the antique store...I hate it when a favorite store closes, boo!

  3. Sounds good, lovely photos. Greetings and best wishes!

  4. The beach photos are very familiar. I go to Florida every November to visit family. They're in Ft. Myers & Tampa, and I can tell you it's difficult to find vintage goodies there, too. Sweet birdie ;-0

  5. What a nice relaxing vacation. Love your photos and your vintage finds, especially the pom pom trim!