Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vintage Dragonfly Snippet Roll Swap - Part One

JoAnne at Vintage Dragonfly hosted a snippet roll swap last month. I knew that I wanted to make something using images from the 1900 Home Needlework Magazine from the treasure box that I purchased last year. 

The magazine included a story on the latest fashions and fabrics, with wonderful hand drawn illustrations of period dresses. The artist inserted actual photos of women's faces. 

I used the images on some tags last fall, but thought they'd be perfect for this project.

I tried lots of bits and pieces and struggled to find the right amount of black. Ultimately, less turned out to be best. The black and cream striped ribbon is probably my all-time favorite and was ideal for this.

It turned out to be less about "snippets" and more about just finding something that looked good with the images, but I still love the end result.

I had trims that were very similar to style of the hemlines of two of the dress images so I just had to use those.

For the back I used ads from the magazine. I re-sized them to be more uniform and to fit on the fabric.

Here it is all rolled up and tied with seam binding.

In my next post I'll share the beautiful snippet roll JoAnne made for me. 

What I need is more swaps. They motivate me to create, and that always makes me happy. I've joined three swaps for the upcoming Glitter Retreat and can't wait to get started!


  1. This is such a good idea - nice to find a use for those little snippets of this and that! Your Snippet Roll is gorgeous!

  2. Just beautiful! You certainly are talented. Lucky receiver. :)

  3. Your roll is truly extraordinary! I don't always use superlatives, but they are in order. That striped black/cream ribbon is wonderful, and the bit of black makes the black and white illustrations (which are wonderful) pop. It looks like you didn't spare "the good stuff," as the laces look sumptuous. The whole roll is so cohesive and beautifully crafted too. Great job! - Amy Bauer

  4. What Amy said! Your snippet roll is very classy!

  5. It is a stunning snippet roll! Thank you again Terri! XO

  6. It is a stunning snippet roll! Thank you again Terri! XO

  7. Your snippet is so BEAUTIFUL! I loved the images you used and how you put it together!
    Donna A

  8. Just stunning. The way you were able to match the trim to the dress was great. I would love to partake in a swap. I have never done one before.