Sunday, August 7, 2016

Vintage Treasures and a Class

The DH's oldest sister (he has four) and her husband are avid garage salers, and most every family member has been the beneficiary of their treasure-seeking talent on at least one or two occasions. They were in town a few weeks ago and brought me some wonderful treats!

This pretty satin bed jacket is the palest shade of blue imaginable, and the sweet little hat is in perfect condition. 

They also brought me this early 1900s Ladies' Home Journal fashion spread. I absolutely love it! 

In a class at Paper Crown last month - taught by the talented Jackie Peters - we used vintage wallpaper, other vintage papers and ephemera, and new paper and other items to create a journal. The images from the LHJ fashion spread were perfect additions to my journal. The cover of my journal is shown above. 

This first page still needs something in the center, but I want to find the perfect image.

The images on the left above were in my class kit. The first of the LHJ images is on the right-hand page.

More images from my class kit on the left, and another LHJ image on the right.

LHJ images on the left for this page, with new papers, vintage wallpaper, washi, and bits of Dresden trim. Love this spread!

This was a fun page to put together. I'll add a bit of paint to the center and maybe snippets of lace and ribbon.

This spread still needs a bit of something. That's one thing I like about this type of book. You can keep looking through it and adding bits here and there as inspiration strikes.

This spread may be my favorite. I absolutely love the Chinese-inspired tunic with the lavender trim on the left. I'd buy that!

Hope you enjoyed the treasures and the journal. I'll be working on the book from time to time, but thought I'd best share now as it may be years before it's really finished!

I'll have a few new finds to share in my next post. 

Try to stay cool - fall will be here before we know it!


  1. I adore vintage magazine and your book is beautiful! Keep posting as you make changes. I would love to see the additions.

  2. Ankara'nin en iyi kurye sirketi olan
    kurye ankara hizmette
    sinir tanimiyor...

  3. I love the LHJ spreads and what you've done with them. That little jacket is so sweet!

  4. I love the LHJ spreads and what you've done with them. That little jacket is so sweet!

  5. Your journal is a beauty! How fun your family understands you and brings you such wonderful treasures.