Sunday, May 16, 2010


On May 8 we drove to Chickasha for their Antique Auto Club Swap Meet.  It was a fairly nice day, but there weren't as many vendors as usual.  In spite of that, the DH found a few tools and I was able to find a piece that looks like wood molding but is actually plastic and has great patina, an odometer with green and black numbers, and four tacks with numbers on the heads. I love the plastic piece and the odometer together, and am already thinking of a way to use them. 

The real find came later at one of the local antique malls.  I've been looking for a rattan chair for years but haven't been able to find the rounded-arm, low-to-the-floor style that I want.  What I found is the next best thing - two loveseats, a chair and an ottoman, all in very good condition and so comfy.  The cushions will definitely have to be recovered (I've wrapped one in fabric just to see the effect, but this won't be the fabric I'll use).  One loveseat will remain inside, and the other loveseat, chair and ottoman are on the covered patio.  Shopping for car parts is FUN! 

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