Friday, May 7, 2010

In a slump

My creativity seems to have deserted me, probably due to working all last week and part of this week and spending hours pulling weeds from our now-lawn service-free lawn.  But I did manage to make a few cards using some House of Three digital images I purchased.  I doubt I'll ever get into digital scrapbooking because I'm such a paper freak, but I do love the ability to download and print images at any time.

I also have to share my peonies.  They have been so beautiful this year - lots of great big blooms - but are now blowing apart in the Oklahoma wind.  I try to keep a huge bouquet in the house from the time they start blooming until they're all gone.  They make me so happy!


  1. Your peonies are just lovely! Mine haven't yet started to bloom here in Maryland - but I check them every day. Have you ever tried drying them. They turn out wonderful. I just hang them upside down in my garden shed until they are dry.


  2. Hi, Sue! I've not tried drying the peonies. Thanks for the tip! I planted a light pink one that should bloom next year. Looking forward to that.