Friday, November 19, 2010

Silver Bella part deux

I have a feeling there are going to be LOTS of Silver Bella posts. There's just no way to condense so much fun activity into a few paragraphs. 

My roommate was Kerry Berrick, who is one of the most talented, interesting and fun people I know. We stayed up late every night going over all the activities of each day and preparing for the following day, then overslept on Sunday and had to fly home with funky hair! Thank you, Kerry, for being my roomie and for being so helpful and sharing your creative input any time I asked. My projects were better for your suggestions! Here's Kerry showing her fun side in a Viking cap (could have used those for the trip home.)

Our other traveling companions were Sheryl and Teresa, the "sisters" from Duncan.  Everyone thinks they're sisters so they just go with it.  They're truly a blast and everyone loves them.  They're also extremely talented, and kept everything lively.  I just met them this year, but I wish we all lived closer so we could get together more often.  Here they are with Kerry.
Chris Mack rounded out our little group.  She traveled to Omaha by car with her husband, John.  They were our heroes, hauling so many of our things there and back.  John even went to UHaul and got us huge boxes to pack everything in for the return trip!  Chris, who bills herself as a "beginning mixed media artist," proved that she has real talent.  Everything she made was just beautiful.  Here we are at the opening dinner.
After dinner we had our first project, led by Silver Bella organizer Teresa McFayden.  None of us finished but it's going to be a wonderful reminder of SB and the joy of spending time with people who love doing the same things you do.  The centerpieces for the evening were tophats perched atop a stack of white boxes wrapped in tulle.  The boxes contained our craft kits - very handy! This photo is from Sheila Rumney, who hosted two of the swaps I was in. More about that later.
My camera is the worst, so I'll be borrowing most of my pics from other Bellas. Thanks, ladies!

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