Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Bella

As I'm slowly going through all my goodies in an effort to get them off the dining room table, I'll be sharing a few things here and there.  Right now it's all my Bella Bling. 
Just before leaving for Silver Bella, I made my first soldered charm.  It's not perfect, but I'm a little bit proud of how it turned out.  One side is "believe" with a small flower, and the other side is "create."  The bracelet was a gift from my roomie Kerry (no blog, but she should have one!).  Love it, love it!  The crown charm in the box was a sponsor gift from the lovely Hope Ellington, and the pink heart charm with crown was one I received from Suz Reaney (so sweet!).  These will both be going onto the Bella Bling bracelet I plan to make.  The "create a handmade life" necklace was from the Creative Connection event and a gift from my Bella Big Sis Heather Ales, along with a very cute bag full of supplies and emergency rations.
From the sisters, Teresa and Sheryl, I received a cute tote filled with supplies and chocolate - something every Bella is encouraged to pack as part of her basic supplies!  Isn't this darling???


  1. Oh, those wonderful Silver Bella days... I still have to clear off my dining room hutch of some of my projects and supplies all scattered about. I'm really looking forward to next year. p.s. it was really nice to meet you, albeit at the very end of SB :)

  2. I loved Silver Bella and miss everyone so much!