Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Silver Bella Projects

Silver Bella is over a month in the past and I'm still working on class projects but wanted to share a few that I've completed.

The two classes I took with Lisa Kaus were basically my first experience using water soluble crayons. We colored on wood as a base for collage.  You can read about Lisa's work and the class info here. I really enjoyed both classes.  For the first, Joy Within, I chose to make something for my parents who have always been supportive no matter what I did - or didn't - do.  This was meant as a simple thank you and was given to them on Thanksgiving Day.  My mom probably appreciated the finished product more than my dad, but hopefully the message was meaningful for both. 
The second class was The Secret Inside the Bottle.  I felt a little more comfortable using the crayons in this class and was pretty pleased with my finished project, which now hangs at the entrance to our studio/office.
My third completed project was from the Oh Tannenbaum class taught by Kerry Lynn Yeary.  Using jello molds, old wooden bobbins and silver pipe cleaners, we created a tinsel tree and decorated it with ribbon, buttons, yo-yos and more.  There were as many different trees as there were participants - each one charming.  This was probably my most relaxing class at Silver Bella as everyone was just having fun and not concentrating quite as much as some classes required.  I decided on a turquoise and red theme for my little tree.
Only three more projects to finish!

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  1. Love your projects! I still have to finish mine...