Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spring Terry/Terri Swap

Since we've been one-on-one craft swappers over the past few months, Terry and I have discovered lots that we have in common besides our names, our spouses names, our age and our four-legged children.  One thing is our perpetual state of running behind.  She has every excuse - a job, a long commute, a busy arts and social life.  I have no excuse, but it works out fine.  Our Easter swap turned out to be a late spring swap.  We both needed more time so agreed to mail mid-May instead of before Easter.  I was a week late for even that deadline.

Here are all the wonderful goodies she sent me this time.  Everything was wrapped in bright spring-colored tissue, and there were little flowers and tin butterfly and dragonfly pins on some of the packages.  Everything she sent is so pretty, and she made me another beautiful necklace.  This one is two dominos with "journal" pages between.  So fabulous!  I wish I had a better camera so you could see the true loveliness.

Her favorite colors are black and white, so I tried to stay close to that while throwing in a little springy-ness.  She's taking a couple of classes with Lisa Kaus next month so I included a little LK plaque for inspiration. 
I've wanted to make this little bird from Lisa Pace's Delight In The Details since I first bought the book. I made this one for Terry, but I loved it so much I'm planning to make an identical one for myself.  The "FLY" tray was inspired by a similar tray in that same book, and also by a few shown in one of the Stampington publications.  Now I need to get started on things for July!  I'm going to do my best to be on time for our 4th of July/Summer swap.

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  1. Lovely job on the Fly tray. Love that!

    Thank you so much for you sweet words aobut the loss of my mother.

    It helps...