Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saturday's Junque

I'm reversing a little bit to last Saturday.  Because of the heat this summer and just being busy, we hadn't been to Shawnee in a while and I could just feel that there was something there I needed. I checked for Shawnee estate sales on Friday night with no luck, but did find a huge sale at an antique store we weren't even aware existed, and a big barn sale that was likened to the Junk Market sales.

At the antique store, I found this tiny colorful yo-yo quilt.  It's about 16" square and all hand sewn. It looks great from the front. Not so much from the back, but I'm amazed that anyone took the time to make all those teeny yo-yos and sew them together.  It's already on display on my grandmother's chest of drawers in our entryway.

This 1950s paper partyware is still in the packages.  It has some discoloration, but I just couldn't resist.   
And THESE!  I love paper doilies - always have - but I've never seen any like these.  They're from the 1950s, I believe, and are so ornate and detailed.  There were probably thirty packages, but several young ladies pounced on them just as I was walking up. They were nice enough to leave several for me, and it was good to see younger people with a real appreciation of their beauty.  I'll be listing some of these on Etsy in combo and inspiration packets. 

The DH found a couple of hunks of metal he needed for his garage, and we moved on to downtown Shawnee.  We stopped to snap a photo of the historic Santa Fe Depot and the row of Cyprus trees planted along the tracks. We've still not been inside, but plan to do that sometime soon.
We made several other stops and found quite a few small items, including this sheet music and very old - probably 20s or 30s - velvet hat.  The hat is ripped and the velvet is bare in spots, but the pleats and bow are so pretty. It will make a perfect pocket in a journal.

Don't you just love the chiffon ruffle on the one hat, and the other is totally covered in wonderful flowers.  The two little white pots came from the barn sale and were just $1 each!  We got there late in the day so there wasn't much left, but I was able to find a few things and came home with some cute ideas.
It's always best to follow your instincts.  When a place is calling to you, GO!  I've found that it almost always pays off. 

Hope your most recent junquing was successful!


  1. Oh, I so agree -- heed the call! I love the doilies and can't wait until you make some packets! Those sweet little house note cards (are they cards?) are so wonderful and bring back a happy memory for me. The flower hat is divine.

  2. Such pretty little goodies. And the blue colored doily is extra special with the star design in the middle.