Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We're Still Standing

Here's today's big headline from our local on-line news service:
"Governor declares state of emergency - The declaration is for 20 counties that have experienced earthquakes, tornadoes, severe storms and flooding since Saturday."

Yep, Oklahoma has had all that.  Since Saturday.  Four earthquakes, including the strongest one ever recorded here.  We're all pretty used to the tornadoes, or were until May 3, 1999, when there was an outbreak of tornadoes including an F5 - again, the strongest recorded here. We're a little more serious about them now. 

But earthquakes are a whole new thing.  We're told Oklahoma has always had earthquakes, but they were small and most of us had never felt one. The first I ever felt was last year, and then I didn't feel another until about three weeks ago.  I've lost count of how many there have been since then. 

One thing people here are learning is that their homeowners insurance doesn't cover earthquakes.  Our household was fortunate this weekend and didn't sustain damage, at least not that we've discovered.  Our hearts go out to those who did have damage, whether it be from earthquakes, tornadoes, storms or flooding, and especially to those who won't be able to file an insurance claim to get their lives back in order.

After spending the weekend plotting to move elsewhere, I'm sure we'll be staying here where we've spent most of our lives, and before long we'll probably be saying, "Oh, it's just an earthquake." 


  1. You do get used to them -- that's for sure! And this I know because of living most of my life in no. CA! But I feel for you, because there is nothing quite as unsettling as feeling the very ground beneath your feet shaking. The thing about 'quakes is, you get no warning! I'm glad you guys were safe.

  2. That first earthquake was so scary! I've never been in an earthquake before and it seemed to last so long. Glad you didn't have any damage ~ we didn't either but I am thinking about getting the earthquake rider on our policy...