Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thank you, Fresh American!

A few months ago I read (on someone's blog, sorry, can't remember whose) about a blog that sounded interesting - Fresh American.  It's by designer Annie Selke, whose home remodel I had followed and enjoyed in House Beautiful magazine.  That got me hooked, but they were also hosting daily giveaways at the time.  I'm one of those people who had only won a couple of things in my life - small things - but I signed up several different days never expecting anything to come of it.

I was shocked and delighted when I was contacted and told I had won a Dash and Albert rug! The giveaway rug shown on their blog was white and grey with a pattern I loved, but I was told I could choose any rug in the same size range. Since we have three dogs, I decided something else might work better for our home. I was extremely happy to find that Dash and Albert had a rug I saw in a magazine a while ago that I absolutely loved. It's called "Cat's Paw," and here it is!

The dogs aren't that impressed, but I love it!
Georgia modeling
The rug also comes in a light blue background but, again, probably not the best color choice with dogs, and with our newly-blue walls, it would have been too much.  I think the brown is just right, and I love all the bright colors.  It looks modern and fun, and I'm so happy to have it!  A huge thank you to Annie Selke and Fresh American!


  1. Oh, lucky you! That is the most fun rug ever!!

  2. Oh you lucky duck - I love your selection!