Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Means Car Shows

The DH and I went to the Knights Car Club show in Shawnee, OK a couple of weeks ago.  It was hot, hot, hot.  I have to admit to rushing him along a bit, but I did manage to photograph my two favorites.  This first one - a 1950 Chevrolet convertible - belonged to a lovely gentleman from Kansas.  The color was almost exactly the same as our newly-painted walls.

We spotted this next one at a show a few weeks ago, then again in Shawnee. I absolutely love it.  It's an Auburn, made sometime in the 1930s, and is the pefect cartoon car.  Can't you just imagine it racing down the road with Roger Rabbit at the wheel?  It looks like it's about to pounce forward.  Not sure who owns this one, but they're very lucky.

No photos of the DH's favorites, because they're ALL his favorites!


  1. What a great post! So funny, that fantastic Auburn was my favorite of all the cars at a car show in Guthrie in June!

  2. im stuck inside until its not so hot. did u squeeze any junking in on ur is ur cake coming...i am behind schedule with mine but i will pull an all nighter if i have to...hugs

  3. I love car shows! We went to one last weekend, an annual event for us, and loved it - all except walking around for two hours on the hot blacktop!

  4. The Auburn vintage car looks hot because of its color, while the 1950's Chevrolet looks cool. :-) Both of them are head turners because of not only how they look, but it can make you reminisce and turn back time while driving one of them. If ever I would pick one of them, I'll prefer the Auburn one.

  5. The Auburn seems a bit too much for my personality. I believe I’d rather choose the ’50 Chevy Convertible. It has more of my style and my character. Oh, and the color is my favorite!

    Tyra Shortino

  6. Well, I’m really excited for the summer because this is when there’s a lot of car shows in our neighborhood. Car events are everywhere. You won't fail to see awesome customized vehicles or classics. It’s really a great opportunity for you to see those mind blowing cars and explore new car ideas at the same time.