Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Class and a Project Day

Dina Wakely was in OKC recently for four classes.  Because of scheduling conflicts, I was only able to take one of the classes - Dying for Dylusions.  We made this vibrant little tag book using Dylusions spray inks, modeling paste, stencils and stamps.  The book is a single folded sheet of paper.  The tags go into pockets formed by the folds.  
The class I most hated to miss was a "Dear Self" encaustic tag book.  My friend Chris was able to take all four of Dina's classes and being the nice person she is, she invited Kerry and me over last Sunday to make a tag book.  She had everything ready for us, but of course we brought a ton of supplies anyway.  I wish I had taken photos of their books because they were both amazing, but bad blogger that I am, I didn't take my camera so my book will have to suffice.   

This is one of my favorite things I've made, not only because my self-esteem can always use a boost, but I just like the whole idea of how the book is made and the endless possibilities for this format.

Dina was a great teacher and I'd encourage anyone to take her classes, but I have to say that Chris was a pretty great teacher, too!


  1. You did a great job on both projects. Hey, have you thought about being a sponsor for Handmade U? Say hi to the girls!

  2. WOW...working on ur prize ribbon and having a blast

  3. Oh how fun for you to get together for a craft day! I love how your books turned out.

  4. Hi Terri~
    I see that you are doing the prize ribbon swap that Tabitha is hosting too! Me too....I can't wait to see what you come up partner is Holly! Are you going to Handmade U? Or was Wanda just wanting you to be a sponsor? I can't keep up with everyone's schedule??? I sure hope you are going!!! Thanks for the encouragement!!! By the way I just posted about an awesome give away on my blog just now!!!

  5. Wow, I can totally see getting hooked on this method!