Friday, August 31, 2012

Prize Ribbons

As mentioned earlier, I joined the Prize Ribbon swap hosted by Tabitha at Creative Wings Boutique.  My partner was none other than Tabitha herself, and I was a little nervous about making something she'd love.  Her favored colors are pale pink, turquoise and white.  I had several ideas, but ultimately went with this.

Since Tabitha's blog is Creative Wings, I thought the little lace wings were just the thing.  I used vintage lace, seam binding, ribbon and velvet cording for the streamers.  Since she hosted this and the Very Merry Unbirthday Cake swap, I sent along a few hostess goodies.

I wanted to make some kind of container for the things I was sending, and had read about using clear Contact Paper to create a sort of "fabric" with paper.  I decorated a couple of pages from a music book and then covered those and an undecorated page (for the bottom and sides) with the Contact Paper.  I then cut it to size and sewed it all together.  The flap is a pale rose-patterned fabric, also covered with Contact Paper, with a vintage millinery rose attached. The post card graphic is from GalleryCat on Etsy. 

Tabitha seemed pleased with what I sent and sent me the sweetest e-mail.  Her package for me should arrive tomorrow, and I can hardly wait to see. I'll be sharing that in an upcoming post, of course!


  1. i just cant get over how many goodies you sent.. terri you definately spoiled me. and i thought the wings were a perfect touch.... this swap was sooo much fun... i cant wait till you get your package...i ll give you one hint ....its filled with shades of cream goodness....hugs

  2. The prize ribbon turned out beautiful and I love the idea with the fabric and contact paper!

  3. Oh your prized ribbon is lovely! Very romantic.
    You sure did send her fab goodies! And your enevelopes/containers are beautiful! What a great idea.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment! I so appreciate your visit : )
    I am your newest follower : )

  4. What fun! I love everything you sent her!

  5. You make the most beautiful things Terri. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Terri~
    Just so pretty. I know that Tabitha was knocked off her socks! It is so her. The swap was so fun and the goodies were a nice gesture. Holly & I followed the rules though....we didn't send 'extra' things and I am sure it was hard to do! LOL! I will be posting pictures of our ribbons today.