Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Highly Prized Ribbon

Well, I've made you wait long enough. It's time to unveil the Prize Ribbon that Tabitha made for me.  Isn't it beautiful? I love the fabric-covered center with the crown, the millinery flowers, the pearly earring, the lace and buttons - love it all! If you haven't already jumped over to Tabitha's blog to see her photos of the ribbons, you can click here to see.  She's also swapping ribbons with several others, so you might want to check her blog again later to see more.
After I received it I told her that I was hooked as soon as I opened the package and saw a waxed kraft bag with lace and flowers sewn along the edge!  I love that little bag, and it was filled with lots of pretties.

The #10 on the flash card was appropriate, as I'd rate this swap a 10 for sure!  Thanks so much, Tabitha!


  1. I am so glad you liked the ribbon...this was my last idea and after creating two that were ok this one evolved and i luved it and knew is screamed Terri. this was an amazing swap...ive been soo happy receiving all the wonderful creations and creating for everyone as well... i cant wait to see ur pages that ur making for lauri's swap...i know they will be stunning and i will be super jealous....

  2. Beautiful and a wonderful packet of surprises as well. You are the lucky girl!!

  3. it is such a pretty prize ribbon. i love how they are all so unique! it was such a fun swap. i feel like we were all 'winners'.

  4. How FUN! Lots and lots of goodies!