Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Under the Big Top

The last installment of the Paper Cowgirl Summer Travel Postcard Swap was circus-themed. I'm not a big fan of the circus, particularly clowns, but when we received the assignment I immediately knew the artwork I wanted to use. The image is from a Chesterfield cigarette ad on the back cover of a 1931 Literary Digest magazine. The painting is by William Meade Prince and as far as I've been able to determine, it was created specifically for the ad.  I then found some great circus graphics from GalleryCat on Etsy, added a little foof, and here's my postcard!

I made three cards and switched out the "posters" on the back.  The little "Laugh" tag contains all the pertinent credits on the artwork since I didn't have room for that on the card when I was finished.

I'll be sure to share when I receive my card from my swap partner, and I'll be sharing my prize ribbon from Tabitha in the next day or two - as soon as I take photos. It's lovely!


  1. I love the circus postcard. You really outdid yourself. I love that you went out on a limb and created in a theme that you didn't particularly like & still did it well. Way to go...you challenged yourself! I think that really says a lot about you!

  2. Those are soo fabulous... i cant say ive ever made anything with a big top theme. thanks for the inspiration terri