Saturday, December 29, 2012


Mr. UPS rang our bell today. I was expecting a package for the DH with compressor parts, but also found a big box addressed to Henry, Georgia and Jake.  I couldn't imagine who would have sent them a gift. I hauled it into the house and opened it to find three wonderful squirrels - dog toy variety! 

If you read my last post you know that in our Christmas card photo the dogs asked Santa to bring them a squirrel.  Well, our sweet and funny cousin and her family took their plea to heart.  I had looked for that exact toy before Christmas and didn't find it, nor did I mention it to anyone, so I was doubly surprised to find just what I had wanted for them.

Thank you Karla, Barry and Lauren!  The dogs are eternally grateful!


  1. What a fun surprise!! I am glad it turned out to be a stuffed toy. When I saw the title of your post I was seriously expecting a squirel in the house story!

  2. Oh! How fun and how thoughtful!
    My bears each got a new toy for Christmas too - Santa picked the toys according to each one's personality and each toy was a hit. :)

  3. hah that is hilarious...hugs terri and happy new year

  4. It's so great when the pups get spoiled!

  5. That is the funniest!!! I wonder what those puppies thought when they finally "caught" the squirrel! My dogs would have gone crazy!!