Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas Swap

Tabitha of Creative Wings Boutique organized a Twelve Days of Christmas matchbox ornament swap and I'm so happy I participated.  The ornies are lovely, as you're about to see.  I like the ornament I made (Three French Hens, and I used a photo of three flirty girls rather than fowl) but it does lack bling.  I seem to march to a different drummer most of the time, so hopefully no one minded. Anyway, enjoy the beauty! Click on any photo to see a larger view.
Here are all the ornies as they were packaged, along with a pretty tag made by Tabitha.
Here are the first six closed, and then open to reveal little surprises stowed inside.
The second six, both closed and open:

Here's a closeup of my ornament showing the inside, back and little packet of goodies. The lack of bling is much more obvious up close!

Here are the participants, along with links for those with blogs. Not everyone has posted about the swap, but I'll try to update the links when they do.

A Partridge in a Pear Tree - Pamela
Two Turtle Doves - Lynn
Three French Hens - Me
Four Calling (or Colly) Birds - Kimberly
Five Golden Rings - Hope
Six Geese A Laying - Holly
Seven Swans A Swimming - Tabitha
Eight Maids A Milking - Alice
Nine Ladies Dancing - Caroline
Ten Lords A Leaping - Mercedes
Eleven Pipers Piping - Beverly
Twelve Drummers Drumming - Laura


  1. hey sweet lady...I am so glad u played along...I love your box...and all the generous goodies you sent. My good camera broke and every time i try to take pics with my phone they are dark...I am hoping to get a new lens for christmas...

  2. Oh that is so much fun! So, were there goodies inside each tiny box? I love what you did! Not a surprise -- I always do!

  3. Your boxes are gorgeous and you should not be lamenting about the lack of bling. I think they are perfect just the way they are!

  4. They are all so lovely including the one you made and I was happy to receive! Hugs Laura

  5. What an amazing swap! Your matchbox is beautiful - perfect just the way it is. I love how you thought "out of the box" (ha! ha!) and came up with the idea of the ladies - so creative!
    I have a hard time creating to certain specifications. What I first envision in my head always evolves into something so different.
    I always love to see the variations in what each participant does. Thanks for sharing these!