Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Colleen Moody's Briley the Birdie

Just before Birdsong, I learned I had won admission to Colleen Moody's "Briley the Birdie" class. The class is part of Artful Gathering, an annual online art retreat.  Friends had made birdies during an in-person class with Colleen some time ago. I really wanted to make one, too, so signed up for her blog giveaway and was thrilled to win! 

I wish I could say that I finished one or two birdies during the six weeks of class, but between Birdsong prep and the actual event, then a week of catchup when I returned home, I didn't get started until three weeks in. Now don't get me wrong - there was plenty of time to finish.  I'm just a moody crafter and if I'm not in the mood, it's better to just wait and resume when I am.

I did manage to start on two birdies before my creativity waned. This was my first experience with the paperclay and I like it. 
I also made two sets of feet, but I'm not sure if I like them so I may try more. There are instructions for clay wings, also, but I opted to purchase feather wings from Colleen. 

Class is over tomorrow and I'm obviously not going to finish by then, but I WILL finish.  These little girlies are just too cute to not finish, and Colleen's birdies and all the beautiful creations by the class participants provided tons of inspiration. It may be a while, but I'll be showing MY finished birdies to you at some point! Be sure to check out Colleen's blog here to see her beautiful Briley and here to see a few of the very lovely class creations.

Thank you so much, Colleen, for selecting me for your giveaway! I will eventually make you proud!


  1. So glad you were able to join us if even for just a short bit. Can't wait to see your birdies when they are all complete. xo~C

  2. I never heard "moody crafter" before...and I think I am one too : )
    Lol! I have to be in the mood, feel the inspiration and thrill.
    I think these two birdies have a great start.
    I look forward to seeing how they evolve.

  3. oh i am positive they will turn out lovely. I just signed up for an art event in GA in october. I am super excited since its my first crafty outing since bella. hugs

  4. Those little beaks are too sweet! I haven't worked with paper clay so I'm looking forward to seeing your finished birdies. I know just what you mean about leaving it be when you are not in the mood. If I try to force my muse she punishes me.