Monday, July 1, 2013

Karla's Wonderland

Karla Nathan's home is an amazing place.  In her house and adjoining studio, there are wondrous things to see wherever your eye may light.  In the studio there are little creations everywhere, and her supply stash is out of this world!
If you read her blog you know that she shares many photos of her home and studio, but I can promise you that the real thing is even more wonderful than the photos convey.  Every wall and furniture finish, every fixture, and every surface has been creatively and lovingly adorned by Karla's talented hand. 
For Birdsong she and her family provide delicious, nutritious and beautiful meals that leave you totally satisfied and wishing they were around to feed and pamper you on a daily basis. You feel like an honored guest. Of course, the opportunity to create and visit with others who share a passion for mixed media is the main reason we were there. The rest was a wonderful added bonus!

Photo from Beth Leintz

My poor photography skills could never do justice to any of this, but here are just a few more things that caught my eye during Birdsong weekend.  Hope you enjoy! 

The yard is lovely, too!  I took lots of little breaks to walk outside and enjoy the beautiful day and all these little vignettes.
I've been trying to hang onto Birdsong as long as possible, but I do have other things to post about so I'll try to wrap it up. Just one more post in a day or two about the class projects. After all, there's always Birdsong IV to look forward to! 


  1. How awesome that you were at BirdSong! I think it would be AWESOME to go and create! Her home does look AWESOME!

  2. Ah, I bet it was wonderful! Karla is so talented.

  3. You took some lovely photos indeed! I am so thankful you made it to Karla's and I'm thrilled to hear you'll be back next year!