Monday, September 15, 2014

Pink Themed Fabric Book No. 2

Earlier this year I finished a pink-themed fabric book for my friend Laurie (see it here) who had made me a fabric book a couple of years ago. This second pink book is for my friend Terry, who gifted me last year with with a beautiful satin glove box full of lovely pink vintage trim, buttons, and other pink pretties. I wanted to share something I created with the trims Terry gave me, but she isn't really a pink kind of girl. She loves all things black with some white and cream thrown in, so I added a few touches of black to the mix to make it more appealing for her. She got it last week and didn't go into shock over all the pink, so maybe that worked!

Here's the cover with a bit of black and cream striped ribbon, some black tapestry ribbon and a black and gold filigree buckle. The base is a embroidered pink organdy dresser scarf with net ruffles attached.

The inside front cover has a pretty flourish I found at a fabric store in the clearance bin years ago. I knew I'd find a place for it someday!

This page is probably my favorite.  I think the image came from The Graphics Fairy, but it's been so long since I started the book that I'm not really sure.

I wanted to use the crocheted flower, and like it with this stripe and the bit of old pink quilt.

The base of this page is a beautiful lace hankie with an embroidered center. I added trim, buttons and ribbon. 

I added this page after we both attended Birdsong in June.

The base of this page is fabric I purchased at French General when Terry and I met for the first time. The image was given to me as part of a swap. I copied it to fabric for the book.

This was an old pillowcase. I added some of the pink trim at the top of the page and on the dress.

This page is a mix of old linens and a bit of organza trim, a vintage millinery flower and pretty black glass buttons.

One more bird, with a friendship quote printed on a bit of old glove leather.

This page is made with a vintage embroidered silk scarf. I included the "Top Hit Fashion by Baar & Beards" tag as part of the page. I used several trims on this page and a bit of hankie across the top.

Somehow I managed to not get individual photos for the last page and inside back cover. Here they are together. More lovely French General fabric for the last page with some of the pretty pink trim from Terry, and a organza pocket on the inside back cover, accented with more of the pink and black trim used on the inside front cover. I included a note to Terry in the pocket.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this. I have one more pink book I'm working on - one for me. I might finish it in the next year or two!


  1. Your details are amazing...beautiful artwork...beautiful friendship gift!

  2. I love that page with the cherries. That makes me want to try my hand at a fabric book. It is just lovely.

  3. That is just too gorgeous! Makes me want to get to work and try making one!

  4. Gorgeous work.

    I have had little time for creativity lately and I miss it. I pinned one of your pages to copy for a little embroidery project.

  5. OMGoodness, how completely beautiful! I just love seeing all the details!!

  6. Oh my...what a beautiful book...I made a fabric book for my sister this past summer and loved doing it with all my old trims from my Mother & Grandmother...Your pages are stunning...Thanks for sharing...

  7. I adore this fabric book Terri! I loved that you included elements from when your friendship blossomed, sweet and endearing. Hugs ~ Heidi

  8. I saw Terry's book in person and it is BEYOND spectacular!! Love!

  9. Very pretty !! Love the colors and the embroidery pieces.

    Shabby Royale.