Monday, September 1, 2014

Thrift Store and Estate Sale Finds

This past Wednesday I checked out a nearby thrift store that I'd not visited before. The shop was loaded with the usual non-vintage clothing and decor items, but a bit of digging in the sewing and craft section turned up a plastic bag of treasure - a batch of beautiful handmade lace!

I almost teared up! It's all so intricate and delicate. Just think of all the time and patience that goes into pieces like these, and then they end up in a plastic bin underneath a lot of cheap ribbon and trim. I'm so glad I found them!
These cuff pieces are my favorites, I think. The upper cuffs were made in sections and then sewn together. The single cuff has tiny seed beads sewn along the edges.

A friend messaged me Thursday morning about a sale but I was still asleep. By the time I saw her message she was leaving the sale (I'm a night owl, what can I say?) I wouldn't have gone to this sale based on the photos on Craigslist because it was mostly vintage toys and I'm not really into those. BUT, she said it was a great sale with a lot to dig through (magic words!) I did wait until Friday to go, and still found wonderful things. Thanks, Becky!
I love these hats! The one with white lace is a baby bonnet. It's a bit damaged but I'm hoping to be able to clean it. The tiny row of flowers along the bottom of the photo are on a organza baby bonnet. They're on the inside so they frame the face. Cute!

This is just a small portion of the linens, all with handmade lace edging. Some of these look like they were stored in Oklahoma red dirt, but that just adds to their charm. I especially like the sailboat lace.
These little shoes are very rough but I couldn't resist those button tops. The fabric is just a small piece but cute, and the child's cat and mouse hankie is sweet.
I bought several small boxes of sewing items. I love all of these pieces. The red and cream silk ribbon rosette was attached to an old powder puff.

And there were buttons! These were overpriced so I went back on Saturday to see if I could get them for half. I was able to negotiate a fairly good price because I bought all they had, and while I still probably paid too much based on the condition of the cards, I do love them.
These are my favorites. The berries and tiny green rhinestone buttons are particularly wonderful and, oh, those Mermaid Pearls! Fabulous!

I just love weeks with lots of treasures!


  1. LOVE the buttons! Sometimes I pay a little more than I want to, just because I want them!!

  2. Oh.My.Gosh!! I adore every single thing and would have bought them all, too. High five on a great rescue!!!

  3. Score! I love these kind of sales. So many treasures, although my favorite are the baby shoes with their buttons!

  4. Those baby shoes are so divine! Yes, they are too precious to leave for somebody else. Good for you for venturing out to the estate sale and the thrift shop.

  5. You find the BEST stuff! I haven't been junkin' in quite a while and I think you just gave me some inspiration.

    Hope you are well, my friend!

  6. Such fantastic finds. The lace is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.