Thursday, November 6, 2014

Estate Sale Finds - Part Two

Here are a few more finds from recent estate sales.

Lots of wonderful lace...

including pretty vintage collars and a few doilies.

A really wonderful quilt top that's in great condition.

Some perfect-for-Christmas trim that already sold in my Etsy shop.

Some larger crocheted lace pieces that would be ideal for trimming the hem of a top or jacket.

 Another collar, a pretty hankie and a pair of earrings that I may not be able to part with.

I bought a tin of buttons plus a baggie of buttons. There were lots of throw aways, but here are a few that I kept. The double strand of rhinestones is about twenty-three inches long and to me was worth the price of the entire tin.

Nothing really special, but there were at least some interesting black and brown buttons in the baggie. Most that I find are fairly plain.

A few whites and pastels, plus one odd red button.

 And last but not least, this chartreuse server. It's much prettier in real life. I just could not get a good shot of that green! I wanted to keep it but since I have a really large chartreuse and dark green one this one will go to Glitter Market.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my most recent finds. I still need to post the pages from my Nature's Blessings journal and did finally get photos so those will be coming soon. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Nothing better than a sale with lace AND buttons!

  2. favorite is the pink bumpy button! and every bit of that lace!!

  3. EEEE!! Love love love everything you bought, especially the lace and trims. Just beautiful. I like the old stuff in the sepia tones but that blue trim catches my eye, too. I know just what you mean about some colors being SO difficult to photograph. I struggle with that for Etsy.

  4. I absolutely love your finds!!!

  5. Love all the lace and trim you found and of course a few more buttons , I haven't found any all year
    You did good at that sale

  6. WOW can i visit so can go with u.... those things are never found here