Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Finds

The DH and I hit four estate sales Saturday but everything I bought came from the first one. He didn't find a thing but it was a nice day - and we knew bad weather was headed our way - so we enjoyed the sun and had a nice lunch at a favorite spot on the other side of town.

Even the first sale didn't look promising at first, but there was lace - a King Edward box filled with tatting. There were a couple of pretty pillow case edges buried in the bottom. A bit high priced, but there's quite a bit of yardage there and I just can't leave a sale without this stuff.
Another thing I can't seem to leave, even though they don't sell that well, are tissue holders. This is the first I've seen in this style - already painted aqua and with the painted stainless steel cover. The cover slides off to one side, and there are holes to hang it on the wall. The flowered hat still has the original price tag attached. 

These 1950s patterns are fun. A couple are unused. Patterns are sort of "hit or miss" sellers, but the envelopes provide fun cutouts for journals and the tissue is good for packing.

 This scrapbook has never been used. The little felt sandals were too cute to leave, and the embroidered piece has two birds which made it an instant keeper.

We're expecting more snow and maybe ice this weekend so I doubt there will be junqueing. My 30+-year-old sewing machine died last week so I have a brand new electronic one to learn. That should keep me occupied!


  1. Great finds - I would have bought all those same things!

  2. Oh my god that sampler has my favorite mottos on it! Said the Robin to the Sparrow I would really like to know...I have wanted to make one for myself for such a long time -- my neighbor had a family heirloom piece framed like that! I even tried (in vain) to copy it so I could create a pattern, so let me know if you plan to scan yours. It's still on my to do list!! Thank you for reminding me! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm looking forward to hearing how you like your new sewing machine.

  3. lovely lace and doodads. I keep saying I need to go to an estate sale. Since hubby retired a year and a half ago we have been busy relandscaping the yard and catching up on things around the house. We are almost done yeah I miss the thrill of the finds

  4. Oh what lovely lace and goodies!! I'm envious, I haven't been to an estate sale in months, I need to get rid of stuff so I can get new stuff :) Sounds like a fun day!!

    1. You look brilliant! I love this look..