Monday, May 4, 2015

Glitter Retreat 2015 - Day 1

Various things kept me from signing up for any out-of-state retreats this year, but that allowed me to attend Paper Crown's Glitter Retreat April 23-25. It was a perfect weekend, with talented teachers and great classes, shopping, eating and art swapping. 

We started on Thursday evening with a group dinner at a new restaurant, Pizzeria Gusto, in OKC. Great pizza! The DH and I will be going there in the near future.  After dinner we headed to Cindy's beautiful home (Cindy is the owner of Paper Crown) for dessert, a group painting project, and the first swap of the weekend - The Flower Pin Swap. This was my first ever swap to host, and although there were only a few of us, everyone did a great job. I made little flower-themed treat bags for the participants.

Here's the pin I received from Suzy. Love it, and it's perfect for me as my wardrobe is at least 75% gray and I love anything with a watch face and bling. It came in a really cute bag Suzy decorated, but I forgot to take a pic of the bag. I'll add it in when the sun comes out.

The pin I made went to Debbie. 

I made it convertible as I didn't know who the recipient would be and some people don't like to wear pins with all the streamers. There's a pin on the back of the smaller flower, but also Velcro so you can attach it to the larger backing and streamers. There's a pin back on the larger piece, too, so it can be worn either way. 

Part of the swap was presentation, so I made a little bag for the pin. This was something I'd wanted to try since Tami gave me a pretty bag at Birdsong last year. The cross stitch dresser scarf was purchased at an estate sale last fall. I stitched the two ends together, sewed the bottom seam, added embellishments...and now I'm addicted! 

You can see the swappers and more photos of the Day One action on Jackie's blog here. I'm always thankful for Jackie as she takes great photos and lots of them - certainly not MY strong suit!

Hope you'll check back later for more Glitter Retreat fun!


  1. I saw pictures of Glitterfest on Instagram. It looked like so much fun, wish I had gone. Thanks for sharing pictures with us!

  2. What a fun time! Love the pins and bags. I want to make bags so bad. Wish you were attending Birdsong. Hopefully next time!

  3. It was so clever of you to make parts of your pin removable -- and I love the bag you stitched!

  4. It was so clever of you to make parts of your pin removable -- and I love the bag you stitched!