Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Glitter Retreat 2015 - Day Two

I'm being my usual slow self completing my Glitter Retreat posts, but hopefully you'll hang with me for this and one more.

We started Day 2 with a mixed media class with Medeah. At each place was a class kit, a personalized metal pitcher holding more supplies, and a Glitter Retreat apron. I tied on my cute apron first thing so it's not in the photo.

I've taken a couple of classes with Medeah before and loved them, and this one was great, too. You leave her classes with not only a wonderful creation, but lots of techniques you can use for other projects. Here's my final piece.

Lunch was going to be a picnic in a nearby park but the weather didn't cooperate, so we moved to a space next door for a picnic on the floor, complete with blankets and decorations. The food was wonderful! It definitely made us look forward to the rest of the retreat meals prepared by Val, a friend of one of the instructors.

After lunch we took a field trip to Jan's Jewelry Supplies. They do a lot of online business so you can shop with them no matter where you are. They have an amazing selection of beads, charms, chain, and more. I managed to work in a quick stop at a nearby estate sale on the way. It wouldn't be the weekend without an estate sale!

Jackie's Sacred Heart class was on the afternoon schedule. I was so looking forward to this class and it didn't disappoint. Jackie had pretty kits on the tables for us along with her always awesome name tags. 

This looked like a truly complicated project, but Jackie had things well prepared and helped us through all the steps. I truly enjoyed it.

She also showed us ways to display our pieces - in covered cigar boxes, on clipboards, and more. I haven't decided yet just how I want to display mine.

We had dinner upstairs in the Paper Attic - more delicious food! I'll give a link below so you can see more photos, but here are the few I took.

The white paper flowers were huge, and so pretty! 

Each place setting had a tiny glittered trophy and beautiful hydrangeas and roses were displayed in vintage silver loving cups.

The final event for Day Two was the Junque in the Trunk swap. Each participant completed a survey ahead of time to give their partner some clues about things they wanted or needed. I used a vintage basket to hold the junque for my partner Tami but, sadly, I was stuffing things in up until the night before and forgot to take a photo of the basket and much of the contents. The next two photos show some of the items I had gathered early on.
The napkin is wrapped around some vintage fabrics, and the paper roll underneath is full of various chains and necklaces for her to use in her jewelry creations.
I included some random found metal objects, vintage beads, vintage ribbon, and a good selection of vintage papers.

Tami made a beautiful box to contain the junque she gifted me. This box is really lovely and is now displayed in my craft room. Wish you could see it in person!
In my survey I indicated I could use some purple items for a journal project, and talked about my obsession with washi tape. Tami found lots of fun purple items, including unusual fabrics and three rolls of purple patterned washi tape, that I can incorporate. She put in vintage trims, some of her beautiful handmade flowers, ribbon, lace, and more - lots of everything I love!
I'll try to get Day Three posted in the next few days. For more photos from Day Two, visit Jackie's blog here.


  1. What a fun event and those swaps are amazing!

  2. A craft retreat sounds like so much fun. With my surgery, I haven't been crafting much, but I am able to type on the computer so maybe I can actually get creative.

    I love all of your projects.

  3. Oh my, I love everything. So inspiring!

  4. That looks like my kind of swap. Your surroundings were so special -- you were spoiled!

  5. That looks like my kind of swap. Your surroundings were so special -- you were spoiled!