Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Journal Making

In 2013 I signed up for Mary Ann Moss's Full Tilt Boogie on-line journal class. I watched the video tutorials right away but didn't make anything. About 18 months ago Mary Ann announced she was switching her blog to another platform and the class link I subscribed to would be going away in January 2016. That seemed like forever but I watched the videos again, found an antique photo album to use as a cover, made up some pages, then didn't do anything else. In early December it occurred to me that January 2016 was right around the corner! I decided I'd best get in gear and make at least one journal before the class link expired and...voila!

It's hard for me to believe that I actually made this! The late 1800s celluloid cover came from an estate sale several years ago, but the velvet along the spine edge was threadbare and filthy. What a perfect place to use the striped grosgrain ribbon I love so much! 

This book was made using the sewn tapes method, with the pages stitched together with waxed linen. The fabric "tapes" are from an upholstery sample I picked up somewhere years ago. The velvet bow came from a vintage hat.

The velvet ribbon tie was originally the binding on another 1950s hat. I stitched it to some vintage picot-edge grosgrain ribbon from my stash.

As for the style of the pages, most of you will get it. For those who don't and who think I've lost it, the book is meant to be a place to stick bits and pieces of paper ephemera and other things I've been saving just because I like them or they speak to me for some reason.

The quote on the inside cover came from a Hallmark bag. Washi tape figures prominently on these pages and throughout.  Most of the pages are made from partial pieces of scrapbook papers that I love. I use a lot of paper for packaging of items I sell on Etsy, so there are always leftover usable bits.

I've shared a few page spreads below. Most have already changed significantly as I've added a lot of things since I took these photos. I'll share new photos in a couple of months, but I can tell you that I've already emptied out one drawer of my paper treasure chest!

Just one more!

The Full Tilt Boogie class is available on Mary Ann's Dispatch from LA web site. The class includes several binding options. She offers other classes as well, and her blog is a great read.

My plan for the year is to MAKE a lot more things and to USE lots of the crafting supplies and vintage items I've collected. I'm starting the new year with Mary Ann's Remains of the Day journal class. I've watched all of the videos and can hardly wait to start my next journal. It will use up a lot more of my stash. But for now, back to adding to this one!


  1. LOVE your journal. What a fun combination of papers and scraps and bits and pieces- I love the Hallmark bag. I made several journals after I signed up for the FTB class, but haven't gotten around to using them- same with the ROD journals- but I had fun making them, and its nice to see them on the shelf waiting for me to fill them.

  2. Awesome Job Terri! Love your use of ephemera!

  3. Congratulations! You did a great job. I also took the online course and never made the book. In fact, I took 2-3 of her courses but never made the books. I'm so proud of you for getting this done! You are a rock star!!!

  4. I ADORE the way you bound it. Someday I must take a class. I keep thinking I will and just never find the time. Well done!

  5. Oh it's beautiful, I would love to look at it up close. Your cover is just fantastic -- well done! I can't wait to see the new pages. Congratulations on starting a new journal, and on deciding on 2016 as the year to use your stash! I'm doing a lot of that too, and it is so exciting!!

  6. I love your journal.

    I had a book making class scheduled for last week at my house, but I got really sick. I'm much better now and I am anxious to set a new date. And seeing your journal really makes me want to get creative.

  7. Thanks, everyone! I'm still having fun filling the journal pages!