Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ardmore and Davis

Another Saturday, another car part to chase down. This time it was '39 Chevy fenders, found by the DH on Craig's list, and located in Ardmore, OK. I love traveling in Oklahoma, but DO NOT go south from Norman on I-35 if you can help it. Take Highway 77 - much more scenic and no hour-long traffic jams due to road construction. The only bad thing about not taking I-35 is missing the Bedre' chocolate shop.

On a more pleasant note, after picking up the fenders, we had lunch at Bill's Fish House between Ardmore and Lone Grove. Then - the highlight of the trip - we stopped at Cloverleaf! I'm crazy for Cloverleaf! If you've never been, go now. It's just fun and funky. There's one in Oklahoma City, too, but my favorite is the original at exit 31-B in Ardmore. The parking lot was too crowded to get a good pic, but here's my best shot.

On the way home we exited at Davis to go over to Hwy. 77. Just as we came into Davis there was a true junk shop. I think it was even called The Junk Shop. This is one of those places where you have to watch where you step, do lots of digging through boxes and piles, and then wash your hands as soon as you get in the car - my favorite kind of place!

I found old rubber typewriter keys, a 1940s home magazine, a perfect vintage Valentine's hanky, someone's Class of 1929 photo, a 1963 California dairy calendar card with a pic of two cute little girls, a wood tag, a glass Basset hound (more on that in a future post), and a letter from 1949, undeliverable and returned to sender, never opened. It was from a law firm located at that time on the floor just above my old office in the First National Building in downtown OKC. Imagine. The return address on the envelope was different, so that wasn't why I picked it. Who knew? It does have multiple postmarks and embossed postage, and there was an unmailed postcard inside. Treasure!

Until the next road trip...


  1. What fun! What was the postcard of? That is freaky!

  2. It was just a postage-paid return mail postcard, which the recipient was to return if they had an interest in investing in an apartment building. Not decorative, but the postage mark is cool. I should check to see if the law firm still exists.