Monday, March 15, 2010

And Away We Go

I've always enjoyed shopping for vintage treasures to re-use in creative ways, or just to have and admire. I love seeing what others find, too.

The dear husband is restoring/hot-rodding a 1939 Chevy sedan, so we make lots of day trips looking for car parts. He frequently laments that I find more on these excursions than he does (true).

Over the years I've accumulated quite a collection of old jewelry, photos, books, linens, and lots of other things. Recently retired, I'm hoping to spend some of my new-found free time to create using my stash of goodies - and of course to pursue more junk!

Via this blog, I hope to share our travels and finds - and maybe some of my creations - with friends, family and others who are interested in such things. Hope you enjoy!

The Junque Seeker

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