Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring

So, the first day of spring. Yesterday it was 70 degrees, and today it's snowing (see below). My scheduled trip with friends to the antique mall was postponed, and I spent the day in the house with the DH and the dogs. I've only managed to create one thing today, and I'm not sure how pleased I am with it, but it was fun. The base is leftover cardboard from an earlier vintage photo frame project - don't like to throw anything away. I used 7 Gypsies gaffers tape to connect the two parts that were cut away from the frame for the earlier project. I like the little embossed design where the easel back was supposed to fit, so I used Ranger Perfect Pearls to highlight it. The "Keep Your Youthful Beauty" banner was part of an ephemera lot from my very first purchase on eBay several years ago, and the teal die cut behind it was something my friend K had left over from another project. Saving does have its benefits!

Happy spring, and enjoy your hunting and gathering!


  1. Precious! And I am coveting the flower! Where did you find it?

    When are you coming to Kingfisher to buy the house on my block to live/open your store? :)

  2. Shel, if you're referring to the flower at the top, it's actually two vintage milinary leaves topped with three stamped and stacked paper flowers and a vintage button. The leaves are my favorite part, of course!

    I'll have to work on the Kingfisher thing, but I would love it!