Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine Remembrance

Pre-blog (last February) I signed up for Teresa McFayden's Paper Bella Studio e-zine, Paper Romance.  It was my first such experience and I loved it!  There were so many creative projects that I'm still working on mine but here are a few I completed. 

One of my favorites was Holly Abston's Sweetheart wall hanging. I learned later that Holly is an Okie gal, which made me love her project even more!  Here's my version:
Another favorite was a heart garland, but instead of a garland, I increased the size and made individual heart pockets.  I made several of these last year for friends and a few more this year. 

The pink one is my favorite.  I love the corrugated cardboard strip and - you have to look hard to see it - a watch spring tied in with the fibers on the left side.  It went to my friend Kerry last year, and the middle one went to my friend Terry this year.

The Paper Romance e-zine includes lots of non-Valentine projects and is still available at the link above, along with several other Paper Bella Studio e-zines.  I highly recommend these if you want lots of inspiration.


  1. Your heart pockets are very beautiful, thanks for sharing them.

  2. Very cool! You have been crafting!