Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fan Dancer

January brought a new round of great classes at Paper Crown.  I wanted to take every class offered but was only able to make it to two - Jackie's shrink class (blogged in an earlier post) and her fan class.  Using old paper fans, canvas, paper doll stamps, and lots of embellishments and techniques, Jackie guided us through the process of making beautiful and unique dolls with a Valentine theme.  You can see everyone with their finished projects here.

I would encourage anyone to take a class from either Jackie or Franc at Paper Crown (or any of the other instructors who visit from time to time.)  Both these ladies are so creative and so much fun, and class participants are friendly and sharing. Cindy, the owner, is wonderful, too.  You can learn about class opportunities from the Paper Crown web site or from Jackie's blog.


  1. So cute! It's good to see you posting -- it's been quiet over here lately! Whatcha up to?