Saturday, April 23, 2011

April Finds

April isn't over yet but I'm so short on space these days that I need to skip any junqueing forays until I either get rid of some things or reorganize.  That said, here are a few things I added to my stash this month.  Happy junqueing, everyone!
A few cards, hankies and embellishments. Love the poodles.
Vintage millinary fruit, a small compact and lots of bling
for fifty cents to a dollar a piece.
A hat from e-Bay, doilys, an old notebook to jazz up
and use as a journal, vintage seam binding, an old
clothes brush (like the stripe), a piece of bling, and
two old needle folders without the needles.

I have a smaller version of this and am using them to store
scissors, rulers and other supplies on my craft table.
I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to
put this but it was too cute to leave behind.

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  1. I love the poodles too! And the table is ADORABLE! Gosh, your blog looks great -- is this a new layout?